Monday, July 28, 2008


Guess what...i cut my hair short lol..but not THAT short...this is the second time i cut it..the first one was a disaster..for real..i went to this saloon (not mentioning names),but realise my hair stylist quit her job already..but i dont know why i was dumb at that time to even stay there..and i also dont know why i said 'anyone' when the boss me if i want a gurl or guy to cut my hair..nxt time ppl..when asked about something..think a few times before replying you answer, an 'any' might changed your life or might have a big impact on u! :s well, mine kinda 'changed' :s i look mafckin ridiculious..i told the 'pondz' to layer my hair on d side..and guess what...he cut my almost short,except my front side of the hair,which is first i din see it..coz i was talking to my niece and when i look at the mirror..i`m like 'WTF DID U DO TO MY HAIR??' i was like stonned... for real..thers nuthin i can was a ma fckin 2mths long hair was totally much for the hard work... it broke my heart to see that i look..'shytty'..i aint going there again..boss told me..if something not satisfied..u can share.. yea right, like can u stick my original hair back?? :s chigga plz~ but i learn my lesson..not to simply say 'any'

Well,this time my short look alright..not bad hoho..and something bad happened today...which i feel guilty..was playing bball at was like an all gurls vs guys team..and man, it was hard guarding gurls.. you know why? i scared accidently touch some parts, you never know man haha..and the guilty thing i did was..which was an ACCIDENT i swear,i accidently hit a gurl have no idea how panic i was..i was so scared her nose bleed man!!! :| lucky she was alright.. *phheew* hey gurl, if you see this.. i apologize sincerely for that..didnt meant to do it..hope you aint mad hehe..the game was hype and i was beat down..damn tired *sigh* but it was all good.. again..sorry gurl for injuring your bad. well, gtg now..gonna sleep soon..take care y`all ;)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

After watching Batman 'The Dark Knight' i have to give it a 10 straight..the story line was incredible and it was a good long 2 hr plus butt was numb at d end of the show..

The joker took over the show..all everyone talk is about the joker..a little of batman and two face. dont you agree? ;) it`s kinda sad that two face died too fast..i mean in the comic two face is a long time villian :s but then he died in the movie..i think it`s kinda too fast le.. The late Heath Ledger played the joker so well...till you could feel the psycotic feeling coming from him.. esp his laughter.. i wonder who would be the next joker and other new villians..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cant Smile Without You

Hey,wats up eveybody? it`s been quiet a long time i din update my blog..been bz hehe...nuthin much happened thou :s hoho

Went to Empire to watch 'HellBoy 2, The Golden Army'

I have to`s not bad..i`ll give 6/10..i`m surprised that Hellboy would have a love scene..haha..

Red: abe u fell 4 da princess
Abe: She's like me, a creature from another world
Red: u need 2 get out more.
Abe:She's alone in the world i wanna help her... I need to care for her.
Red: Ur in luv, hav a beer.
Abe: my body's a temple
Red: no its an amusment park. Shut up n drink it will U. Wat track?
Abe: 8
Red: Cant smile without you...
Abe: i know
Red:Yup i'm gonna need a beer too
Abe: I luv dis song n i cant smile or cry... i think i have no tear ducts.

This is such a SWEET`s been in my head since last night :p.Classic songs are the best, Oldies But Goldies' anyone who doubt it..well, ur one sad person :s

Seems like the world world is love sick or doubt bout it..people around me also a lil love sick... man,it`s like the 'Year Of The Lovers' woohoo~ period.

and lastly..


This is Ken hehe... Handsome leh? ;) but sorry..he`s unavailable.. anyways ..have you have a great day on your bday and ahead of you..wish you all the best ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I came across this Mobwars user..and what caught my attention was his funny name..'Tombolan' in another words.. 'Tom-Bo-Lan" (Tom no dick) it`s funny how some people can come up with all sorts of names haha

I wanna watch Batman and Hellboy2!!! when bitches?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yesterday night i had dinner at Mel`s house..the food was fantastic i have to say..boy,was it superb~ the food was great..we had cury chicken,rojak,2 types of fishes..which was tasty,pork leg and also fried mee...i was damn full thou..even though i didn't ate my lunch :s but that's not the point, the point is..when jun seng arrived..the food is over..guess what happened.. his dishes is special haha, he has one bowl of pork leg and 1 plate of fishto himself,specially cook by Mr and Mrs jong..i have to say mel`s parents are damn nice lo..heart warming man.. junseng killed both the pork leg and the fish

This is Jun Seng, after dinner..he said he felt like sleeping..

He slept.... ZZZzzZZZz

While the king is recharging his energy,his side kick Bernard decided to show us some of his legendary guitar skills..which was a blast,it will make your drop on your knees,your eyes open wide,and in the mist of seconds..u`ll see Bern changed into someone like Aerosmith...singing his heart out..and if you were a gurl..i bet u`ll have an orgasm ;) and at the end of the day..mel has to clean up his room a few times lol..

This is bernard
Dont wanna close my eyes~~~

The King (Jun seng) woke up and decided to play facebook,if you are bored with the games in facebook..have no fear..all you gotta do is go to jun seng`s face book page and you can choose all kinds of games there..he had 100+ games..but before you enter his have to ask yourself..'Am i ready to risk it?' why i said that because your comp might hang or the loading might take too long..some of us have encounter it..even myself..but now,shud be alright..cause he has deleted 50-60 game applications

Bottom line.. Thanks to mel and family for their splendid dinner 'kop khun krup'(in thailand)
P.S- i ate 2 pieces of monte carlo chocolate cakes and it was d BOMB!!! i LOVE it, lol.period.

Monday, July 14, 2008


This last week..i have been freakin lifeless, i have to admit that...i`ve been hooked to 'Mob Wars' on Facebook...everything seems to be never have to fight to get experience and money and also u need to do some job to get money as well...then when u reach another new level..u increase your health or stamina or attack and defense mode.. it`s quite a challenging game actually..u`ll encounter sore losers too in that game..i remember,theres this one time i attack(your suppose to attack people) a mob and i got $70,000 and i`m like 'wow' this guy is loaded so i hit 2 more times and i`m have like a mill plus..and the next thing i know that guy hit me back..ok thats fair la.. but that fool attack me more than 3 i attack him back and accidently sent him to the hospital :S , which i htink the person`s i quietly let him attack me lo...when he came back he put me on 'hitlist', meaning he buy my head lo,who kill me get a sum of money and i was killed..i was like 'ni nah beh~' so over the line le...that time i no money to buy his i attack him again..this time he was in hospital...i punch him after 2 times..i give up..waste of my the end of the day he do d same shit to me again.*sigh* malas ku layan eh!(lazy to entertain) ,let him win la...

Someone please save me form this sinful game!!! :`( i need a life... this game has made me fat...mother fcker!!..seriously..i`ve gotten fat because of this game..ask, really need to go to the gym man...n metis called me a fatso, look who`s talking :x chigga plz!! no homo...

It seems like love is in the air...two hearts that beat as one..a new love has just begun..a new chapter of life begins..beautiful stories unfold..telling the world the legend of love....

When ur lying next to me,
i can see the world clearly,
my heart beats fast,
cherishing all the love till the very last,

you told me,i should go home
but i resist,
and wanted to stay with you a little longer,
together we feel the cold sea breeze,
slowly coming towards us,
while letting the warm fire keep us warm,

holding u tightly,
as i know that,
your the one for me...


Baby, baby..i don`t know what to say,
the way you move the words you say,
makes me sway away,
you can be my beyonce,
and i can be your jay

ok,i`ve written something lame suddenly oh what the hell..thats me,it`s just the moment that i need to put it out :s..sometimes i do something wierd/silly whatever u call it haha..anyways gtg now.see la later aligator ;) *exit stage right*

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today was a tiring day...i didnt slept well lastnight..was kinda tired and sleepy...after work wento to ubd to play some bball..woohoo~ 2nd time,was not so muscle doesnt go crazy as the 1st time..but then i fall down :S...i hurt my left 'soi' (unlucky) , ho seh lo this time..somemore i`m left handed..there will be a lof of thing i do, that will led to discomfort :s

Keong a.k.a 'Otakku" in action versus Bernard, bern seems to be doing some ballad man lol

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates! was busy and lazy,my anyways..for a fast recap of what happen last few days :)

Dude, u need to take have some exercise nigel..ur starting to grow tits man..unless you wana be like the two gurls next to you.haha

Me with the flying kick lol

Other that that..we have some vulgar pics ;) This is not for peoples under 20...




Self pleasure and another one is imaginary pleasure,which needs a lot of thinking power, nick seems to enjoy a lot..ur arriving hey?

Trousers pulling and *ahem* washing
Ton: Y are u pulling my pants?
Metis: Errr... for fun tehee~ :p

Having some ASS-tion hey,ton? lol noti-noti ;)

Metis shirt being slowly taken off,head`s near someone`s crouch and what`s more,met is vulnerable... wonder whats his trying to do :s

At the end of the day

Friday, July 4, 2008

I just found out that theres also another Gnoel in blogger other than me haha..i found it out at google`s and his title is kinda wierd.. Gnoel

Thursday, July 3, 2008 today we had a great game...everyone was doing,i was super exhausted man~ lol..hadnt been ballin for face we as red as an apple man`s good to have the old times back again..the feeling and still great.. i love it..most have upgraded and some have downgraded (basketball skills) ,for example is me was exhausted but fun.. i need to build up my stamina :s

Keong`s admire was taking a lof of pictures of him..we all can see that..haha u know and i know haha..know what im saying?..if keong see this he would be like 'wtf? knn!!' then mental there at my cbox lol..well, if he want to keep his 'President Of Bachelor' title..we are all good le gurl want him but he dont wan lol..see limpeh,want also dont have ah,u lucky bugger haha :p ..nxt time i might make a chart of the Bachelor Club people..including me haha..yes,im in it.. bo lang ai ma~ (nobody want) haha..what to do :x..i proud le..u can or not?!! HAHAH my spider sense tells me that keong mus be piss off liao haha..relax keong..dont angry ba :( later "Mririan" sad le :(

Air Supply -Every Women In The World.. it`s romantic thou... gurls out there,would u go on a date with me? *preferably rich* lol! i`ll try to sing this song for you if we click haha..

P.S - in the video,theres this chinese dude,his hairstyle looks kinda suit keong keong,cute leh... and i think that theres a gay in the berakas oil i went to top up my petrol before i go kb..after finish..he asked me what time i finish work..i was like, stonned man..i told him..i dont time go home..cause im a regular`s normal to smile what..but today has changed..i`ll try not to go there no mo :s..Met,can u help settle that guy for me? please! :( i`ll buy u nasi katok le...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I cant wait for tomorrow thou..why? cause the boys are gonna play some bball..woohoo~ it`s been ages since i kick it..i remember when we were in form 2,3..after skool 3 somthing we start to play bball already..sometimes even two in the afternoon.. i duno why.. i guess the love for the games is so strong.. till some of us got so dark..esp me, until some chinese people thought im a malay kid and talk malay with me -_-" which i dont like :S

I havent been ballin in ages..and i cant even do lay ups no mo :s thats horrible lo. hope i dont get killed 2morow..if`s over~ end of story.blank.period haha :D

Man, i have a
FREAKIN feeling right`s like im feeling emo now man..4 real.. fuck man~ n guess what..i`m listening to some love songs right now...i do sometimes..but this time..i hving some daym love if im in love or something..BUT im not in love or anything..i havent met anyone...just in case u misunderstood me haha..and i do envy some couples i go again :s but sometimes couples are like in front of me doing something mushy..which oways makes me feel ugh~ 'Diew~ sai Mhm sai ah? (fcuk need to do that or not ah?) yes i know you 2 are in love..yea big deal *eye rolled* im not jealous..if i hav a gurl,i could call my own..i wont even do this man.. theres this one time..i saw these couple at the Mall on the escalator going up,the women was in front,guy was at the back..and he was hugging her waist from they are in titanic or something...cigga plz~ but then,when ur in make u do the most stupid and ridiculious thing thats why love is blind. lol!

I use to remember the feeling of liking someone ages`s was can make u high as a crack head and kills u like ur d most emo faggot in the anyways, some of us express our feeling through some style of our drawing,singing,poems etc.. but mine,i dont know u call it a poem or what..but what i pour it in like this..picture style...

This is how real i am to her,real words from her and real thoughts from me,Unfortunately things dont go our yea..

But anyways, it`s already the past..let the past be as memories or something,watever....just learn from it, try not to make the same mistakes they sat 'La the sang, fang de chi' (can take up,can put down) like Russel Peters said ' Be a man, Do The Right Thing' haha. i called that picture 'The 6 legs' cause that statue has 6 legs haha.

Anyways,gtg go now dream lovers..i`ll leave you with a special song..dedicated to lovers out there..eventhough ur gay, lesbian or bi..watever you`s all good.i`m open...know what im saying? hehe

Song called - Dream Lover by Boddy Darin.hope you enjoy :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The gays and lesbians asked me to find a gurl out to have a date or something..get to know a few gurls cause i`m getting old and STILL single..haha..but im cool with it..i know, sometimes i do feel lonely..well, what can i do right? im not good with gurl at all..i cant think of any gurls lo,sadly yes.. most of the gurls i know are unavailable or already taken..SO, out of the blue..i asked eva lol! i know,it`s crazy...those who know us would be laughing and like what? lol


Me: *nudge eva*
Eva: wats up?
Me: Would u like to go on a date with me?
Eva: u crazy is it?
Me : a lil..y?
Eva: what u up to?
Me: nothing..jus asking...
*silence for a few minutes*
Me: ..............
Me: so i guess is a no?
Eva : haha
Eva: i don get what u mean...
Me: so is that a no?
Eva: yeala..i don date frens one la
Eva: i know u nothing to do kacau me
Eva: haha

-_-" *sigh* no commento, kena rejected by eva :( *sob* lol
Then just now we had kinda a group reunion dinner...i asked her again..still the same ans lol.. Lppl man me haha! oh wells, thats it for todays... lol na guys, i did try o! lol