Monday, October 27, 2008

This is a great song i have to say...

Independent gurls are hard to find..the type of gurls,some of us guys like ;) *hands down* .clingy gurls makes u feel space at all..'where u go,who u with,what u doing' it`s like ur a criminal and ur gurl is the police :s something like CSI.

Bottom Line: A girl who`s independent,who`s do/got her own thing are SEXXYYYY

Sunday, October 26, 2008

im so drained,
i dont know what to say,
words i spit out,
doesnt come out my way,

too much pressure on my mind,
cant think well,
hope im fine,
just need some time,
to release this tension,
thats killing me constantly...

it seems the whole world seems to be love sick...haha,and are you love sick? :p

speaking of love sick..have you ever realised that..artist new or old,east or west ,they always started their first song..which is a love song..and hopefully they made it into the charts.. it the world really that love sick?? example like in taiwan and hongkong,majority are all love songs.. it`s either i dump/leave you or likewise or i love you but shy to tell you..all those 'ojipala'.it`s very much the same concept dont you think so? but i aint hating love songs thou..but
cant they make some songs like involved in the world we living in,with the politics going on,where everyone need to be strong to hold on whenever life fcks the hell out of u..

You might be thinking ..what songs am i talking about? well, songs by Michael Jackson- Heal the world, B.E.P- wheres the love,are the two examples. i use to love boy bands but now i`m just a 'so-so' fan. love shyt will kill ur brains,thats 4 sho..will you listen to backstreetboys if ur confidence is low? no right? haha. they will tell you ' i dont care who you are ,where ya from,don`t care what u long as you love,baby'. sometimes we need to have some - supportive songs...songs that might wake the world..that wake the minds of the people..we are living in a reality world here,not disney at all :s ..i think emo people should get a`s like being sad is their hobby :s

i find words like 'I would die for you' plain retarded and ridiculous..if you die, who gonna take care of her? u aint getting no pussy no mo,homo. i remember back in my era..where boys who are so in love..print their gf names on their bball jerseys..and wear it to play, i find it funny lo..haha well, from my point of dont have to show everyone how much you love her so obviously long as you do everything from ur heart,it`s all gud..sometimes i wonder,when the couple breaks up..what will happen to d jersey lol..if they throw`s like throwing they money away hoho. love can make you do a lot of stupid things..thats for sure lol

I did light a colourful firework for a gurl once at the roadside,it`s was for her birthday..i felt like a criminal while digging a small hole for the firework to stand still and there are a few passerby stopping by to see what the hell am i doing..the area i was at,is a govermnet if i got caught..i`ll be going to jail thou..

like i said, love makes u do the stupid-iest thing...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It`s that once in a lifetime thing

A few weeks before, a friend of mine called me..she said she wanted to hand me something,i asked what was she gonna give me..she told me it`s a,we meet up somewhere..cause i like surprises(who doesn`t) haha

When we met..i asked her,what`s the surprised ..and then she gave it to eyes were is hands were i move my hands to receive it... the surprise was this...





This is what you called a red bomb!! lol.. A good friend of mine Michelle is getting married..

This is her wedding picture.Taken from Wilni (Hope you dont mind hehe)

Ok...Let me share with you the story,,the day we went for the wedding..yes,i`m not the only one going..Mr Wong a.k.a W.c is also going haha. anyways..on the day both our time was crazy..i have to work quickly and good,so i could make it in time for the wedding..mind you,the wedding is at KB, not in bandar la ;)

Reached home at 5 sumtin..the wedding card says,the ceremony starts at 6.30, my experience of attending weddings..when they say usually starts at about 7.30 (perhaps),so i was wating for my 'driver' to pick me up, apparetly he was also busy with his field work..he flew from Labi to Bandar then to KB.we left bandar at about 7 sumtin almost 8(i know we are late)

We were speeding carefully along the road to kb and its fcking crazy too haha..time is so`s like every 35 mins i look at the time and say..'We are so fcking late .but who cares lol' and we reached there at about 9.10pm anf we are two hour plus late..aint that ccrraazzyy?? we feel 'malu' when we entered the stairs and as we reached..ohh mmyy goooddd~ it was an ULTRA AWKWARD feeling..i`ll tell ya that..there were a lot of people looking at us :s ,even the waiter thought we came to eat at the wrong nite,the nice waiter find us a table and we quickly sit to decrease our 'maluness' :s

WWooo...never felt so embaressed in attending weddings this is a reminder to all you people out there..never attend a wedding late,if not u`ll be like us..

We sat there like for an hour plus then the wedding dinner ended..and it was also the fastest wedding i ever attended to..

It`s defenitely happy to see a gud friend finally fell in love,get married and live a happy life :)
Not like some of us guys,who get drunk and naughty or high and`s freakin sad...
where have all the girls gone too? i would like a naughty but nice type of gurl..and if your that and you got a nice ass..hit me up baby!! know what im saying? ;)

To top it off, i would like to Congrats Michelle and her Husband,the newly weds the best of luck in everything you guys do and stay true ;)

Friday, October 17, 2008

tried to learn swimming today after work..boy was it crazy..having difficulties to lean it thou :s haha..i feel chlorin-ish (if theres this word) i almost swallow the water while trying to take a breathe..daym ,my tongue feels wierd..:s maybe i`ll continue to learn to swim again soon..if i have time that is :s i realise swimming is fun thou..too much stress on my mind..swimming helps to ease it thou..

and yes.. i dont know how to

Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby, I Miss You

It`s been days since you`ve been gone..everythings,going i wish you were here by my side..just like old times..

when i saw this picture right heart broke into pieces..words cant explained how much it hurts to see you getting hurt...

not referring to this hot chick(smokin~) right here..


To This Babe Right Here...





My women got hit from behind on monday, kena main belakang was hit by an indon guy along Jln was obviously the fool`s wrong, but he tried to put the blame on me..well,sorry asshole..i`m not 'Akon' so you cant put the blame on me..ya dig? apparetly the indon guy is just a driver..his boss a haji brought a friend along...who talk a lot of shyt in front of me.. like;

He:*looks at my car*
He: eh, keretamu ada modify kah, karang polis nampak susah karang..
Me: No

My shyt, you dont have to worry.Thank You very much for your concern..i`m more worry bout my car`s survival rate than anything.. even if a not girl strip naked in front..i wont even give a daym.. well,maybe take a quick peek haha . This is the first time i got into an accident(never wanted it),so it was kind of a shocking. the first thing i said to the indon guy was ' what the fuck' as i get out of my car..spiaking london lol . After minutes of bullshitting,the police came..file in the report..i told them the incident,then second is the indon guy..

indon-guy: the guy can go one but he refuse to go and he brake
policeman: oh,really?
indon-guy : yea..thats why this incident`s because of him
policeman: i see.....
policeman: story finish? so, it`s the right way to drive?

the indon guy was blur he had a wtf sign on his head. Long story short,he`s not suppose to go so near my baby`s ass and he didnt look properly when he step on the paddle..

Now, most important thing is baby`s back to me now..her ass is as bootylicious as before,period.

Funny things is that..on the second day, i dreamnt that my car was already the third day i went to see my was really fixed!! man, super happy was i that time..mathafcker!!!