Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What happens when u put two one of the best rock band and one of the best rapper together

This is what you get

Linkin Park & Busta Rhymes - We Made It

Never have i ever thought that LP and Busta would collaborate together..but it still is awesome ;) and Mike is still kickin ass baby! haha

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


On this very day,
28 April 2008.
Came this very special girl.
To the world.

Ma Beautiful God Gurl


Ethana Lim


Congratz to you two couples (Nick & Caroline) on your first baby and all the best :)



Last but not least...



Jozi..wish you all the best big man :)

and also to

Jiah Ern and Wendy


Y`all girls have grown each year,i hope that you two are able to take care of urself ayte,try to cut down your 'Blonde' moments too lol ;) Hope all things goes well in everything you do and wish you all the best ;)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


oh my god...check her out

marina - official website

marina - youtube site

How i wish school has a teacher like her back in my time..i bet i`ll even cry if theres not school on fridays and sundays,even holidays.

And there are a lot of new words that amaze me.. and to the smooth criminal aman..u shud check her videos out ;) man..i lllovvee blondes , they are so hot.....and also dumb sometimes lol


I need to get myself a russian chick man..

Sorry keong, this 27 year old chick just killed ur cute Mririan a.k.a Magibon
Why? cause i will waste minutes of my life watching her staring at the webcam,being silly :s
Don`t get me wrong thou,although she has a nice rack for a 21 year old...yea,but Marina too do have a nice rack and she teaches :p and i`m learning something too! lol new words in fact hoho

I`ve learn something new today..when the teacher`s hot ,whatever she teaches..everything does goes into your brain lol

Friday, April 25, 2008

Remember this?


LA Gear

Remember back in the times when this was so popular? cause of the light at the end of it.. and it suddenly died..

Well check this out..something new thou..


This is something`s design for streetball outdoor kicks as well as sneakers.. LA Gear use that like 10 years ago..but they didnt do it to the extent thou.. it`s design by Jezign a sport brand company.And i guess you wont get lost easily in the dark? haha.


I wonder if it still uses those small round flat batteries like they use back in those days.. but u have to admit it does look cool at night when u are playing basketball thou...

Today was a lazy day for was raining the whole afternoon..and i was SSOOO lazy to go to gym..Nick hurt his back,Deno didnt attend...and i was left with i went for the sack of rony.. instead, rony put 'aeroplane'(didnt come last minute) on me :s ' eh la,kau ani~ kau telah menyakiti hatiku bang ' lol

I had this interest for 'Latin Dance' and it was also included in the gym package, but it`s in a different day..and i wanted to see how does the other dance looks like cause latin is only on tuesday..they have cardio,steps, hi/low..all on diferent days..

I went to see cardio dance..for the first time and i brought wacky aman to company me..and he was teasing me for being 'gay' , how 'nice and supportive' can u get hey? :\ well, anyways..yea i was the only brother there..all were females...still aman continue the teasing..yea yea watever man...

I mean, it wrong for a guy to join a dancing class which is all female..and it doesn`t says that it`s only strictly for female everyone can join,no matter how 'wacky' u can get ;) half way through the dancing class,i left cause its kinda like the dance u do for National Day when u were still in secondary school...and guess what,the pihlipino teacher told me Latin dance will be on every tuesday and today..the timetable`s change and no more Latin Dance... well..that does sucks big time...and i was so into i`ll just tune into youtube and learn on my own :s lol

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I think god is punishing me..maybe i have done something bad this week..that he cant take it anymore and has decided to show me his anger...

On a saturday morning..i was at 'Giant' supermarket,was at the supermarket car park..was doing my thing..and suddenly there was this beautiful lady,she got body n all,she has a nice smile thou..coming from a distance..but i didn`t really bother..continue to do my thing.. then,unexpectly..she came to talk to me..i was surprised..but later found out that i was the only brother there :s haha,anyways this women is a tourist..she was asking me about the road to the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque...therefore i told her how to go there..but unfortunately..she dont quiet get it because it`s here first time here..then suddenly her friend can..driving a rented car 'KSPS' it know what, when her friend came,driving the kia saloon car..i tought they were trying t kidnapped me or something..cause she drive quiet fast and towards us..i was like 'daym!!'

Her friend came out of the car and my god,not bad looking..i`m sorry to say this but..she`s got a nice rack..i was stonned for a second..i`m a guy it`s normal haha, apparetly they came from shanghai..i was like 'wow' and it`s their first time here..they wanted to look for a map but unfortunately her hotel doesn`t have mind u,it`s a class hotel..but they got no`s a shame i tell ya..we went to best eastern to buy but`s out of stock :s..i felt forry for the shangai girls.. wanted to help them..but i had to work.. oh wells..hope their all would be dangerous when your hot and your lost :s and i did said to them

Me: Wow,your quiet daring to drive around when it`s your first time here
Girl with nice rack : @#$&*% (actually shes not swearing,but she said something deep which i dont understand) plus her shanghai slang..i was blown away...
Me: Ohhh..haha (pretend to understand)

Well,overall they are nice people thou..i find it sad that some,well a lot of people misjudge china ladies are mostly prostitues..although a lot of them are all over the country..but still we cant judge a book by it`s cover right? i`m just being neutral..and i`m defenitely not on the prostitute we just gotta look outside the box sometimes..

And another thing is that..i sprained my neck 2nd time this week...neck position but different oh my..this is terrible..i cant simply move my neck :s..could it be i`ve seen to many rack? :s i`m not sure haha..and i do hope o recover soon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy BirthDay To..


Dearest Ronald Cheng :D , boy doesnt he look cute keke..and let me remind you..hes very good at singing too ;)


Old times hehe.. p.s doesnt jun seng looks thin? lol..with his old skool hairstyle :p

Wish you all the best in everything you do yea ;) may success be with you..tata~

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh my what a rainy day tonight has been..and a freakin thunderstorm man..woah, nasstyyy~ and it`s been a very tough time for some of u guys because of the internet so called upgrading..many haven`t been online and it`s seems like their half dead already..haha *give me back my internet* well,seriously..brunet,e-speed..they say they gonna upgrade their server to be faster and all that..what i think`s all d same to me anyway..speed still sucks..period..and why they stil call it e-speed anyways? :s

Dint od much on saturday night..went to batu bersurat to watch the final basketball match between bandar and,the kb supporters are huge..majority are 'foh' (gurls) the game was exciting and the score was very tight..bandar won by 2 points if i`m not mistaken.. after that went to coffeebean to have a drink with Justin Timberlake of brunei,chee keong a.k.a gary and Charles junior,metis the lil gay kid.. wierd thing is that..he ordered something unusual..


2xcb? what drink is that? :x

Since Charles jr got his car license back,he was my source of transport that night ;) after coffeebean we went to bandar,a small pasar malam (night market),behind the st andrew`s church to eat..keong didnt follow us...too bad..someone`s treat you know? lol

Got home,Charles jr hang out at my home while dating with aman using his phone regrading his wackyness~ gay berabis lol..u can see all kind of wacky slang man..good grief lol

anyways,gtg`s raining heavily now..gotta off my comp..take care everyone..bye bye

p.s Oh yea, you think u can fool me by changing my homepage hey? haha NOOO~i`m not that easy, you faggot! lol..get a life samwell :p what...what?

Friday, April 11, 2008

It`s Your Birthtday!! :)

Would like to take this time to wish one of my gurlfriends ( a friend which is a gurl,don misunderstood me ah,later i`ll get my ass kicked from new castle lol!)`s her 20th today,11th april 2008 and i think that why her name is 'April' haha


awww...sweet isnt she kekeke :p

Well,today is your birthday..hope you have a blast!! Your all grown up right now.Wish you all the best and i miss your cookies keke :p take care yea hehe.Happy Birthday :D

And on the other hand..i downloaded south parks newest episode last few days ago..regarding butters doing a dance to save klye`s brother from getting involve in canada`s strike..

the original artist`s hilarious..introduced by wacky charles jr in the past ;) gay men can be funny too LOL!

you guys shud download that latest southpark video called 'canada strike' u`ll laughed non stop.guarantee ya lol :p and here i`ve got a few clips that linked to the southpark episode..u`ll get what i mean..that is if you watch it ;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Guess whos back?

Who? It`s the 90`s popular band.. 'New Kids On The Block' if u haven`t heard of them before? where were u?! lol and that time..Backstreet boys, N syns etc other boy bands were still amatures..frankly speaking..i`ve only heard one of their songs only,which is 'step by step..oh baby~'..other than :s yea i know it`s a shame haha..this is like the same plan as 'Take That' dont you think? hehe.but apparetly, robbie williams wasn`t in the group,i like gary barlow`s voice..and his fat now :s and robbie williams is still killing..Rock Dj baby! XD

Old School Picture


New School


Well...some just need to tone up and practice more hehe, but will their performance be a little better than Take That? well, that for us to find out hehe P.s joey has a NICE voice thou..

And Michael Jackson Thrillers Album`s track is nice thou..collaboration with and fergie and Kanya west.A must hear! :) and i`m so addicted to One republic`s single 'Stop And Stare' :) if you havent hear it,please do ;)

Well, cheers,Bitches lol

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Bitrhday Hoong

To the Haklon Clan Leader..Happy Birthday To You Hsien Hoong


Another year older..another year 'Hakkier' lol.. Stay 'Sui cai' (shitty) and May all good things comes to you :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Remembrance Of Leslie Cheung 1956-2003

It`s been 5 years since u have been away from matter how long it`s`ll still be in my heart and missed by many all across the globe..your songs has touched our hearts,filled with`s just so shocked and disbelieve that you just leave us this way..Every year,now and then..i still play your songs in my car..cause i still miss you..

For those who don`t know who Leslie Cheung is,here`s an link for you guys '' He was an amazing artist and actor on both fields..which most artist cannot do..still got love and respect for him all these years.For all of you who dont know much about him..his gay (no i`m not gay..i love women),his the only artist in hongkong that dares to cross dress,wear high heels an all..thats one of the things that makes him something..he dares to take his challenge to another level where most artist don`t dare..his a person who has a lot of inner problems which he cant deal with most of the time..and on 1st April,which is today..he commited suicide at a hotel at the 24th floor in hongkong after he had dinner with his manager and friends..


The hotel

Fans all over the globe come an pay a tribute the the 'Legend'





Documentary Of Leslie Cheung

A tribute to leslie

Sorry about the was disable by request :s

Leslie,ur still remembered! Much Love