Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Remembrance Of Leslie Cheung 1956-2003

It`s been 5 years since u have been away from us...no matter how long it`s been..you`ll still be in my heart and missed by many all across the globe..your songs has touched our hearts,filled with passion..it`s just so shocked and disbelieve that you just leave us this way..Every year,now and then..i still play your songs in my car..cause i still miss you..

For those who don`t know who Leslie Cheung is,here`s an link for you guys ' http://hkpc.150m.com/lesliecheung_inmemoryof.htm' He was an amazing artist and actor on both fields..which most artist cannot do..still got love and respect for him all these years.For all of you who dont know much about him..his gay (no i`m not gay..i love women),his the only artist in hongkong that dares to cross dress,wear high heels an all..thats one of the things that makes him something..he dares to take his challenge to another level where most artist don`t dare..his a person who has a lot of inner problems which he cant deal with most of the time..and on 1st April,which is today..he commited suicide at a hotel at the 24th floor in hongkong after he had dinner with his manager and friends..


The hotel

Fans all over the globe come an pay a tribute the the 'Legend'





Documentary Of Leslie Cheung

A tribute to leslie


Sorry about the link..it was disable by request :s

Leslie,ur still remembered! Much Love

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