Thursday, January 15, 2009

Its a crazy world we living in now...where all kinds of shyts happen..well,heres some shyt u dont see everyday.. 'ATeacher Accused On Having Sex With A Kid 300 times'

Got daym it, where are all the sex crazy teachers when i was 13? lol why now and not before?! and that teacher is crazy, i tell ya that :s

Friend: how old were you when u lost ur virginity?
Kid: 13
Friend: 13??!!
Kid: Yea
Friend: by who?!
Kid: my teacher
Friend: wth? Are you serious?
Kid : Yea.. i was 13 and she was 29
Friend: Daym~

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finally i`ve freakin found IT!!! it`s been rough..but what matters most is i`ve found it.. the song i`ve been searching for the long time :)

Just ignore her crazy expression and enjoy the song :)

Ya know, i think i have a kind of curse..a cell phone curse i call seems like i change cell phone every year :\

My very first mobile..the Nokia 3310, the hardcore fone drop a few times..still standing it was on viagra. later the screen got a lil change to Sony Ericsson z600 , i change it cause it`s super lagging and sometimes hang. Then i change to Sony Ericsson K750i..which i love the most but in christmas day it left me broken hearted..the joypad broken..and it died on 12.oo midnight sharp!! on christmas day!!! got daym~ can you believe that?!..then i bought the Sony Ericsson W850i, and today i broke down..right now im so pissed..its like all fone will have a lifespan of 1 year for me..and yes i love S.E and i don really like nokia..too many functions..and if ur in bad luck..they automatically get lock and u have to reformat ur whole cell fone..which sucks a all your hot chicas,mamas,scandal`s number will be lost..including ur mobile porn(maybe)

oh and before i go..check this video out..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!! :)

It`s been one hell of a ride for me in 2008, somehow right now i miss the 2008 feeling a little..kinda sad. I hope your 2008 aint as sucky as mine :)

What happen to me in 2008;
- Get to meet new peoples
- Changed my name to 'Wang Xiao Ming' for a few minutes
- Got promoted
- Stayed single for a year plus and still counting..haha
- Got 'Cracked'
- Get to punched 'Haklon' (inside joke) for the first time on about, 4 years?
- My car got 'humped' from behind by another car

Last but not least.. i`ve got a God-Daughter :)

To all my boys who`s with me since day one -Thankz for you love and support to keep me going
To the girls whom i`m close/cool with - Thankz for those sexy love,i know y`all like chocolate man ;)
And to my haters - Well, y`all can go eat a dick

Well, it`s 2009 now..time to buckle up,struggle up hustle up and tear this bitch down..POWWW!!!

What have you done in 2008? i hope it`s better than mine haha