Sunday, December 30, 2007

Went 2 sent howard2day..he is leaving 4 NEWCASTLE ,it was alrite..jus a few of us..doing our thing...he wore PINK and i alsmost too :S nassstyyy man



This is SSSOO SWEET le :p so envy man me hahah..when will my turn be as sweet as this? :s Lol
I wish u 2 love birds the best in everything you do..through the ups and downs..i hope u 2 will stay strong,although both are far apart but ur heart remain as ONE :) i believe in u 2 hehe

After that we went to NBT to take some christmas photo...





Ohhh.. u know who dat might me :p i`ve got a ear-twister yo ahaha


and an additional bonus..a clip which was taken by Nigel accidently..which i was also surprised after copying the pictures..check it out :)

Someone has good sucking skillz i have to say..Lol

After that..we went to T.T. Blues to meet up with some friends..yea it was all gud..dey have a live band right ear was numb..coz i wasnt use to it :s haha

Friday, December 28, 2007

It`s been the 3rd day of the BONUS thingy...which ever supermarket u go or fast food restaurant..u`ll see many happy faces ''Terima Sudah Kaliah!!" apa lagi hoho :p

Lastnight went hangout wif ken,keong,met n also 'Kristy' poh chuan wif her 2 frens chio mei and jingtze (hope i spell the correct name,if not my bad hehe) at sugar and 2LENG luis..don worry poh chuan..ur oso LENG hehe :P
LENG +Mature looking = Poh Chuan

They ask why pc still 'single'..i think she trying 2 be 'EX' haha! , u guys need some special discount card hahah..if she saw this she`ll be like 'WTF??' lol..lmao then leh that night..keong duno why so diam ah..niaseng,macam anti-socia,mayb wanna 'AA'(attract attention) kali l haha,the sgp punya shortcut wrds are klng me bby..after sugar and spice,we went to full can 2 play pool..everything all gud...except nxt morning..i`m so sleepy ii cant wait up :s Lol

Check dis cute baby video out!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Chsirtmas Eveyone :D

First of all, i would like to wish everyone in the whole world a 'Merry Christmas' and in 5 more would be a different year..and a different new time as well as surrounding...time does really pass by us fast..dont you think? hehe

Lastnite, we hadour Christmas as Nick`s was fun..haha..dere were a lof of food there..a few left overs thou..hehe..Ohhh.. and the chicken was Yummay ward belanja us with many liquir hoho..thankz Gayboy! :D



Aint the food Yummay? :p hohoho


was wearing Nigel`s Pikachu slippers :p Lol

After eating we all played 'Super Heroes' and...i fogot what`s the other games name :x haha
Ken and Ah Chui (Water) drank a lot,Chui`s face was damn red..n he 'spiak' his London, walin..broken ah..guess he was tipsy man...Lol


Ken taking some rest..haha.. CANDID baby :p

On the other hand..we kick off with some German cigar..was pedas :s


Few pics taken :)


Fam Potrait




Love :P

Went home at 3 sumtin..was very tired...i`m still tired now..woke up at 11 :S..Chui`s face was still red at dat time but slightly better den before..hope he`s all good thou haha.. YAWN!!! gotta go sleep again :s Gud Afternoon!! ZZZzzzzZZZ

Monday, December 24, 2007

So not PREPARED for Christmas

I`m so not prepared...i cant believe 2morow`s Christmas man..time really pass by fast..really..n we did a las minute about dat :S..last went 2 'skh kiulap,huahu kiulap,jaya and ug' me n met were like 'bai che' finding chicken..n coz it`s fesive seasons..the price is higher..kima..jaya was $7.80 and ug was $7.95..nia seng..alang-alang 8 dollar la..tiew~

It was a sunday afternoon..went 2 nick house..


fixing his baby was not hard nor easy 2 fix was all gud hehe..dere`s a higher chance it might be a gurl...suppeer :p

Went to play bball in the afternoon...


who`s dat..taking a nap after basketball one can compete with him is this..Lol

Well,later gonna go 2 nick`s house 4 CHRISTMAS EVE hehe n it`s gonna be fun..prehaps someone`s gonna get WASSTTEEDD again? ahaha.word.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Awww man...i`m sssooooo TIREDDD!!! this morning i went to my boss`s house for the 'Hari Raya Aidil Adha' thingy and played bball at hainan in the afternoon ...this morning wasss HOT..was so sleepy too..dey has a lucky draw thingy..something like lottery style...i almost won man..geez haha


see..almost win man... TV somemore ah...21 inch :S oh well,wat`s yours is yours,wat`s not is not

I went to Justin`s house the other day..


I wonder Wat`s he watching on his computer haha :|

Went to see bball at nite as was an exciting match i hav to say.. n we spotted a melvin look alike..


Now tell me..does dat bball player looks like Mel? haha..same number as him some more hahah :p

Played bball at hainan in the afternoon wif the boys



2 stoned boys in action (sid n ridz) hahah

2 stoners Again ahah

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hey..waddaup y`all..what`s good? was raining jus now..which is kinda good for me..coz i don need to wash my car keke...jus came back from watching a Basketball Tournament at Batu Bersurat, Me,mel n his fam,siong n his bro and the sengster..went there to see..but it was not really exciting..a few were good..many cold players..if ya know wat i mean :s keong n bernard`s team were 'UBD BLAST' so far in the team..only bernard and another guy is kinda the only hope in the team..i duno wat happen to keong he was SSSOOO cold man...geez.. bernard was breathless..he did mostly all d shyt..there this teammate,i fogot wats his name..he was on a fast break..n was guarded by a opponent in front of him..he went for the lay up..right hand..sekali..he TURN his hand and it tuned into a 'Windmill Layup'(if y`all seen a windmill dunk u`ll know wat im talking about) it was a really surprising man..jus beautiful n funny as well haha..but almost went wud be a Highlight man

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

a picture of the game

The Blast lost..the the 'O.K' team..i wonder wat does it means... 2morow i hope 2 watch Mel`s bro wud be an interesting match..hoho

Monday, December 17, 2007

Howard The Molester

I met april and her younger sister and howard kiulap...i saw her younger sis first then i saw april..i tried to frightened her but it wasnt successful cause she spotted me b4 i even reach near her haha..sayang :p BUT on the other hand..i was MOLESTED by howard`s hand from behind..sshhyyttt.i feel uncomfy man..his hand..daym!!! he did like a credit card`s jus fckin GAY, got i feel..eaten man :( n on top of dat..its in public..celaka...two indians were looking at me..fcuk man,dey must have think i`m bisexual or image goes down d drain..jus like dat... :s

A few pictures to brightened ur day like it did to me..hope it does to you too hehe :)

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Woah..thats one 'HOMO' cop..victim,stranger,watever...gotta take care of your ass man..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The packing is 'Bad' the cop looked sleepy or stoned

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This 'Ham Chung' got OWNED!! Ham Chung`s dont simply steal ppl`s wireless line to download your porns man..if not u`ll get OWNED like this guy Lol

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

n YES i agree with u a 110% i feel bad for your subaru man..sometimes 'women' thinks they have the 'instinct' like spiderman has haha..well, i know someone who does ahah

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Now thats a sad break up...look at their emotional hahah
Boy: Ur on your own,i`m going home

and lastly.. a few hilarious like to share with you all
- kid got humped by his dog while playing Wii - kid fainted while performing - one HOT blonde my space gurl - kids tried to say blood..haha - this guy looks like he had crack and estacy at the same time - cute kid haha -I
only thought the crooks happen in movies..haha but it DOES happen in real life..check it out

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Someone Got WASSTTEEDD Baby!!!

I don't know how 2 start this sentences rite much happened lastnite and i dont know where to begin with thou haha..Lastnite was Howard a.k.a GayBoy Unlimited`s Bday..nick drove us there..which we thought we were late..coz of me job ba..sial..haiya,long story la..makes me kinda 'PMS' thinking about it...anyways..reached howard`s house at bout 7 sumtin i think..haha..we were hungry man haha

I found a few bbq chicken wings,i just 'hamtam' it first la..jus 2 'tahan' my nick n metis were still hungry..we went to the bbq area n found dat there were a lot of food BUT it`s NOT cooked..'Someone' in the car told me that 'he' wont bbq the food there,he will let the people bbq wan le haha..but in the END he also bbq le..Lol..because it`s self everything he said earlier was 'LPPL' Lol! :p

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Food`s Yummy! :p He is using his 'magical powers' to make the food cooked faster..ahaha

One of the sad thing was..someone spilled the marinate sauce on the floor and dint bother to clean it up..'beh sui' la the person :S ,ended up i clean that area(i cant stand that untidy area it kinda annoys me) and another area was cleaned by howard`s cousin cause she spilled hers too haha :p..a lot of tissue were USED to get rid of the sauce..on my area,there were some sauce sticking on d wall and i didn`t dare to simply rub it i was looking for water 2 wet the tissue to clean d turn and i saw the kind of spray like those spray with chemical waters to clean your windows like that..yea,does kind of i just take and spray it on d wall..and successfully it went well..the stain is getting off..then i turn the product and see what brand it that..
Brand Name : SUPER AMAH
Me: Wa, Super Amah, this is some good amah shyt man
Ppls: Hahahah
Me: Im serious, the name of dis product is 'Super Amah'
sayang i didnt take the picture of the super amah brand...dats one hilarious brand name 'Super Amah' Lol

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BirthDay Boy`s Cake :D

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Gay boy :p

That is not only the most exciting part about lastnight..most exciting part was someone got WASTED!! hohoho..n u know WHO that might be! Lol..check it out! :p

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Look at wendy`s hand..shes trying to take advantage haha
Wendy: Oh shyt, my chance has come!!Thank you God, it`s my chance to molest him,he wont know what happened keke

Next Day the drunk guy didn`t really know what happen and what gibberish thingy he said while he was drunk haha..BUT some of us know,RITE? ;p we all had lunch together me,met,jerome,wendy,april and howard,funny things is that metis a.k.a the drunk guy can msg me at 10.10 saying lunch at gadong 'Lamee' there at 12pm and i was still sleeping haha, i didn`t sleep well for the whole night man :s

After the accompany met to the saloon to cut and highlight his hair,there was the cute-funny grandma..this is my first time seeing a hilarious grandma really haha

Funny Grandma to Metis: Eh, i introduce my granddaughter to you ah?
Metis: haha..ok *shy smile and look away*
Funny Grandma to me: Rite?
Me: Rite :) hehe
Funny Grandma: Do u speak Hokkien?
Me: Yea haha
Funny Grandma: u Hokkien ah?
Me: No haha,i`m Hakka
FunnyGrandma: Ohh..Hakka Ngin
Me: haha..u came here alone?
Funny Grandma:Nope, my grand daughter brought me here.. i introduce y grand daughter to you,you want or not?
Me: haha..can..

Sekali for a while,her granddaughter came in to bring her home..which turns out to be sze shih and she eng`s grandmother Lol..Funny grandmother was like telling met and her grand daughter to marry next year HAHA..funny la her haha..very 'sporting' indeed,very cool :p

I`m outta here.Peace out :p

Friday, December 14, 2007

Man..this morning was funny,i was in d kitchen wif mum..while eating breakfast..we were chit chatting..n somehow the words that i mum heard wrongly,it`s like i say one she ans 2..i was like 'mum wat are you talking about? :|' than saw was also blur..adeh~ -_- so i 'suan(tease)' her la..till she was speechless..then my dad suddenly came into the kitchen..

Mum: You see ur son very good in talk back ah..even 'suan' me
Me: .........
Dad: You must have dont something wrong la..
Me: HAHAH..i din see that coming! hahaha in mum`s face man Lol
Mum: Hahahah..mum was surprised he said dat..

So was i, i din recall he ever said those sentences before..keke. -_-"

Tomorrow will be Howard`s a.k.a Gaylord Unlimited`s Bday n Farewell Party...i wonder will there be anything interesting or not hahah

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bad News For Single Guys

Jessica Alba is PREGNANT!!! fcuk! *sigh* dat lucky bastard had away wif her..cant believe she`s pregnant...tiew~ shes like one of the flaming women and now she`s pregnant..dat lucky son of a bitch is lucky...Argh..jus cant get over it :( why HIM? but not ME! (Lol) I`m more FANTASTIC also u know..i can even stretch everything on every part of my body u u want it to be even..haha 'Jessica, dat guy it`s a rip off' :| u shudn`t hang around in wallmart anymore..

Tiew~ she like every guys dream gurl...'Down to earth type and i think she does know what to do as a gf and know how to make her man happy'

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:D love those colourful socks..n it doesn`t makes u look like a clown..only FOOLISH people or IMBECILE people thinks it`s clownish :S

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Addicted To Korean Game Shows

Two korean comedians performing a Michael Jackson dance at a game show called' x man' Regarding the MJ dance where he does d 'leaning 35 degress move' was jus genius..dis is wat dey call 'taking comedy seriously' 4 real...n it does make me L.O.L

another one

koreans do have sense of humor thou..i do have respect 4 people who try to make other ppl laugh or just a smile coming from the person`s face..even if it makes a fool out of themselves..i love 2 see people laugh n be happy..really..

It seems like everywhere i go now..i see so many 'LoveBirds'`s like 'Daym!' seems like love is in d`s can bring u as high as a crack head n bring you low like a lifeless they say..nothing hurts more than love :s some of us get hurt n it feels bad..u felt that u`ll never love again..well i`ll say that..there`s always a special someone for that special get ur feet back on your ground and move forward to life..some people for example i`m not offending gurls..dis is what i always hear from gurls ok.. ' Aiya, all guys are the same one la!' u know..dat sentences really piss me of a little sometimes.. am i wrong? Guys!,do u heard that often?! ha? well i`m here to ask you gurls who THINKS all guys are the same ' Are all the hair the same length or not?' now i aint dissing yo, i`m jut being real.. so gurls try to let go of the past eventhough it hurts bad..move on sure ur next partner would be better than the previous one :)

As for the single people like me..haha NO commento Lol..well guys? :p haha we do feel lonely sometimes..sometimes we need some company from a friend *preferbly female keke* you know..just lay back and talk about everything..hehe.. for me..sometimes when u walk down the street and you see a gal who got the hots..u`ll be like 'daym gurl,ur burning me up' lol n u`ll think she EITHER taken or playing hard to get or lesbian haha.. well life`s a bitch to all you lovers out there..cheer up :D haha..i dedicate this song for you..'A Teenager In Love'

A song for y`all who miss the past that y`all once missed and wanna feel it again..this song`s for u =)

I Love this song! :D it`s like it bring me back to the 80`s..i love classic man..'Oldies But Goldies' and'Classic Music Are TIMELESS' i`ll tell ya dat ;)

Oh yea..i meet winne and humphry at the mall dis it`s been a long time i havent seen dat gurl..she kinda change..haha well ppl change`s depends whethe its good or dat :) hehe..n she`s changed slightly ok thats for sho...haha

Grand Start Of Ma Blog

A new opening of ma blog..a new story unfold..haha..i`m feelin kinda tired n my body`s aching after 8 months of not playing n d boys we kicking it on`s crazy man..i tell ya dat :s haha.. …`s was tiring n was fun 2.. it does bring back a lot of memories thou..back in d days when we were in form 3…it was a really great feeling meeting d guys back again…but den we all cacat a lil only ma haha..

Pic of d guys playing bball

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

p.s as u can see d las especially memorial..u see d tiang at the pic above? keong almost knocked his head after getting chased by 2 bitches..n it was jus a few step away from d tiang…we all saw it. haha.word