Monday, December 24, 2007

So not PREPARED for Christmas

I`m so not prepared...i cant believe 2morow`s Christmas man..time really pass by fast..really..n we did a las minute about dat :S..last went 2 'skh kiulap,huahu kiulap,jaya and ug' me n met were like 'bai che' finding chicken..n coz it`s fesive seasons..the price is higher..kima..jaya was $7.80 and ug was $7.95..nia seng..alang-alang 8 dollar la..tiew~

It was a sunday afternoon..went 2 nick house..


fixing his baby was not hard nor easy 2 fix was all gud hehe..dere`s a higher chance it might be a gurl...suppeer :p

Went to play bball in the afternoon...


who`s dat..taking a nap after basketball one can compete with him is this..Lol

Well,later gonna go 2 nick`s house 4 CHRISTMAS EVE hehe n it`s gonna be fun..prehaps someone`s gonna get WASSTTEEDD again? ahaha.word.

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