Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things ain`t going well in the family..for quite a long time..i don`t really know how to start, really..this is the only place that i can say out anything...my happiness, sadness and everything..

The reason i wrote is down is because it`s kept in my heart for so long and it`s getting sour. i have no choice but to release it..

As days and years pass by, u`ve been watching me grow..from a baby to a child to a teenager and to a man..it`s been 20 plus years and your still holding on and your 90 plus..i do wonder if i could live until that old age sometimes, as time passed by ur memories gets weaker and fragile..u`ll get angry at small things and u`ll forget what u said..bottom line is..i`m afraid it`ll get worst..coz i know when a person gets old..they will have a kind of old people diseases,

i`ve been told that my grandma has been seeing things..about someone looking for her..which never happened.at first i didnt care what she said..coz maybe she was dreaming..but my uncle came from malaysia today..to visit my grandma to see how shes doing. mom told him about the story that my grandma saw someone (someone she knew) waiting for her outside the house.. what we believed is that..it`s 'those things' that transformed itself into someone she knew to look for her.. as i heard this, i honestly say.. i was scared,SAD and feeling goosebumps..coz i know that the answer is quite true..coz she changed a lot compared to lasttime.. it made me realised something..that i had never spend much time with her before..i believe i need to do my job as a grandson..i dont wanna regret..i know when that day come..i wont be able to take it..its too much.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last nite was fun..me n group of friends went to see Brunei`s DPMM football team Vs The Singapore Young Lions. The vibe and the excitement was there..but the performance was not as expected.It wasnt a good nite..was raining in the middle of the game..was i got wet. To be frank, it was the first time i went to watch the game live.it turned out alright hehe. people shouting n swearing all side of the corners over silly things..it was funny...and if the referee is an indian..it`s over~and ball boy kids wearing oversize t-shirt n pants lol.At the end of the game DPMM won 1-0
and on the side not MAN U WON!! :D yeehaaa!

Apart form that.. i went to see all my male friend`s brother 'Edison Chen' in his new movie 'The Snipper' now if u put aside edison`s sex scandals thingy...the storyline was good.i give it a 6.5% rating.y`all should try to see this movie..and the funny thing is,there were only a few people watching this movie in the cinema, like less than 10 people..i guess his scandal still affects the movie..i wonder how other contries response are :s

I wanna watch Transformer2! Megan Fox is in it...fcuk shes hot!! geezes~

Shit i`m getting f.a.t
it`s getting crazy,
with all the food i`m eating
somebody stop me!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Video For Everyone

This video is for those who are down,discourage and feel hopeless..

I hope that this video will enlightened you.
Stay Strong, Keep Your Head Up
There`s A Struggle Everyday, Gotta Roll On
God Don`t Like Ugly And God Don`t Like Quitters

Monday, May 4, 2009

Just to let you know that i`m still alive and well as usual..no the blog is not dead..i`ve been busy and i somehow lost a little of the inspiration to blog... someone, please INSPIRE ME!!!