Thursday, October 15, 2009


i feel like typing something in here..since i havent done it a LLOONNGGGG time!! i know :) it`s super dead... but somehow i duno what to write,cause there`s a lot in my mind that i cant describe.
i was thinking about writing something which i`ve been thinking about lately..such,whats happening in the world,hate..racism etc.

Hopefully i can job in down in a paper n post it in here..but that depends if i got the time n mood 4 it or not haha..n btw it`s gonna be in 'rhyme' .In case y`all dont know..i like to rhyme..not trying to be a wanna-be, but i`m just spitting it on how i see n how i feel cause its real(opps i did it again)...

Being able to rhyme or defenitely a blessing =) i proud to have a lil of that talent..

And lastly.. i need inspiration..about what i said above..can anyone give me the motivation n inspiration that will keep the ideas coming i can..lay it down 4 y`all to see, so u can see hows it gonna be in the e.n.d