Sunday, May 25, 2008

Where Do I Begin?

How long does it last...can love be measured by the hours of the day?

What happens when u take Rihanna`s 'Under My Umbrella' and mixed it with Barack Obama and Hiliary Cinton...this is what u get..haha

2 more days till little Ethana is one month old! :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

I would like to take this time out to, give respect and a moment of silence to a good friend of mine who`s mom just passed away yesterday due to some illness.

Amazing Grace - Cecilia

I was woken up by a message from Bernard this afternoon, he told me that my friend`s mom passed away..i couldn`t accept the fact of it because i was half awake..i tried to sleep again..but i still couldn`t get in..i re-read my message again,the words are still the change..and that time i know everything was real. i was very shocked and speechless at the same time..this is just something unexpectedly..i just can`t bear it..

To Liang;

Bro, i`m very heartbroken and very sorry to receive the reality that your mom passed away. A good soul gone too soon..may her soul rest in peace. Anything that you need,dont hesitate to find us ...we`re behind you always,take care of yourself..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Found this at and thanks for sharing this music video with us..seriously, i think that brunei local artist should do something like inspire the local people,to stop hate and racism but to love one another and respect each other =)

I`ll be kicking it old school with some cartoon that i miss..

this is the mix of the 80`s cartoon all in one..

Brave star is the bomb man!! those who were in the 80`s..u`ll know what i mean hehe
If i had powers like brave star..i would like to have;
the power to fly,to become invisible and to have the strength of a dinasour (lol)

Come to think of it..he-man`s hair looks kinda gay..don`t you think? if u can`s almost like rihanna`s hairstyle lol..and thundercat`s liono (wrong spelling) when he shouts 'Thunder,Thunder,Thundercats..HHHOOO' ,first it sounded like he`s calling the thundercats a 'Ho'(whore) and second when the sword if his sword 'cangar'(erected) ,noti noti~ and they are making a thundercat movie that`s coming out on 2010..and i cant wait to see it!!

and i was on the wacky website..and guess what i saw that pisses me off..

"P.S. Tony, Bring it on brother! Chelsea WILL kick ManU's buttocks tonight! Just don't cry when it all end. Chelsea~ Chelsea~!!! :D " <--well, it seems Chelsea is the one crying now hey? the tables have turned, cocky ma fakka!!!! :D ..don`t be too hard on yourself, it`s ok to get your ass KICKED deep once in a while.i know it`s hard to face the truth but no matter what, u cant run from it..MAN U just KILLED chelsea!!! oh man..can u SMELL the VICTORY??!! oh`s fckin sweet and i know tony and the rest of the MAN U fans feel it too =D, chealsea killers!!! This victory will put a smile on every MAN U fan`s face out there whever they think of it..even when they are sleeping..the victory is just too powerful until theres no word to describe that extraordinary feeling...

peace out.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Unconditional Love

Whats love? i`m not sure myself..i guess.. it`s just sour or sweet...sometimes what u receive just ain't matter how much u give...everything u`ve done just doesn`t mean a damn thing..

i feel you on me..i do..

You`ll do anything for her,
run around the world for her
climb the highest mountain for her
even swim the deepest ocean for her

For what?

Only you know the answer

All you even wanted to do,
is to make her feel proud,
showering her with love and care,
without a doubt,

But somehow it seems,
most of the things u did,
doesn`t means a shyt
so that means she`s,
a damn selfish bytch,

Doing all those insanity,
ain`t gonna kill the pain away
in fact,it`ll make u more unhappy

No matter what happens,
through the ups and downs,
the sun will still shines,
after a dark and cloudy day

I know your fed up
but u need to get up
and keep ya head up

No matter what happens..i want you to and the rest are still and will be behind you 101%... you know who you are..cheers~

Sunday, May 18, 2008

After a week of busy schedule,i was so into a need of a break from everything,cause..

My minds too tight,
no space for breathe,
the pressure is there,
i cant konseal,

man,wheres LP or Jay-Z ,when i need their music in me? lol

Last night we went to 'Sugar and Spice', reached there..and was packed..we managed to find ourselves some seat..found out that there was a birthday party.. no wonder~

Everything in sugar and spice.the price has gone up thou..sisha used to be 9 dollars and now it`s 15 dollars :s and the licence to make sisha legal is 6 thousand dollars a year and thats crazy...and i can see that they started ripping. customers with their prices :s

Anyway my saturday night mood was kinda low and down due to the music..there were deejay`s playing music ,which was 'Trance' all night long..when the mood is right,the time is right,it`s time to get ya fckin hands up high and dance to the sound of the beat but instead they just wave theirs hands(mostly) and shout 'WOOOO' for like 2 seconds..and it goes on and on(it`s like u get horny for a few seconds and it stopped)..and no one was dancing on the floor..haha..perhaps they are shy hehe

I lost my appetite that night (no offence to the party people) cause the music was so loud,it`s hot and when i talk i have to shout and i wasted 4 dollars of food which i didn`t ate finished. Sidney usually being hyper active was behaving like a goodboy`s my first time seeing him like this..usually he would move around and talk a lot..but tonight he was 'behaved' lol,i htink it`s because of the music haha and i met rita ..she waved to me but i was blur,i turn around and look backwards cause i thought she was waving at someone.. who know i wave back and it`s not me..malu kaliah!!! lol so anyways it`s was nice to meet her..she looks better in person than in picture..not that her pictures are ugly but i prefer to see real person that pictures can lie haha

After house of boredom..we went to katip`s`s was much peaceful there..but the trance music was still in my head..i tried to killed of by hearing 2 rnb music..but it wasnt`s enough. im lucky that i went to katip`s house where some of the boys were there..they really made my day :) theirs jokes(created by themselves) can really make u laugh and made your day,for real..

Here are some of the jokes written by mawi and a friend of his, can u imagine they wrote those jokes in a`s almost like a joke book now..maybe soon it might be up for sale lol

(jokes are to be spoken in malay,to get the meaning and feeling of it)

Q: Banyak-banyak kampung,kampung mana yang paling besar?
(Many village,which vallage is the biggest)
A: Kampong Rimba la! , ada 'Giant" kaliah!
(Rimba village, because there`s 'Giant' )

Q: Orang India apa yang rambut panjang,pakai anting-anting di telinga dan necklace di lehernya?
(Which india has long hair,wears ear rings and necklace?)
A : Orang India perempuan la!!
( A female indian)
( Mawi asked me that question and i cant believe i said 'Snoop Dogg' i wasn`t thinking right man :s , maluku (i`m embarassed) eh lol)

Snoop Dogg, rambut panjang,pakai anting-anting dan necklace di lehernya (long hair,wears ear rings and necklace) ngam kaliah!! but hes not indian lol

Theirs jokes may be kinda lame but it`s really funny..i had a great time..they did made my day thou..Thankz! :D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday To Chee Huat San!!


ain't he talented? :)

i cant wait for his single to come`s the bomb!! i heard it`s coming out end of this month..hopefully it does *fingers cross* ;)

Anyways, a BIG Happy Birthday to you and may you have a blast on your day! ;) i know u`ll bring the bomb..Chee Huat`s style hehe and the cute gurls will be like 'oh my god~~ chee huat!! *crying and shouting* ' too hot to handle!!! hehe


Chee Huat : 'Hell yea baby~ What can i say? ' Even Nina`s too happy till she cant pose with him, she got
lovecheehuat stoned..

again Happy Birthday!!! ;)

speaking of cute gurls..yesterday i was on friendster, i came across this we all know in fashion sense nowadays 'cute' is the word that girls nowadays wanna look like,right? beautiful is rare(thats what i think) haha, anyways..there are two types of cute;

1) cute come natural to you,meaning you naturally have the cuteness in you
2) you try to hard to be cute

Here`s an example

Naturally cute


I`ve nothing against cuteness,just that..some people just cant be themselves lo,worst of all..she having a pacifier in her mouth..i`m like wtf? it`s my first time i`ve encounter this..i mean..come on girl,your like 13 years old and you take a picture of yourselves sucking a pacifier? get real man..u gotta be jacking me are definitely trying toooo hard to be cute lol

I`m sorry if i did offended some of you peoples who read this post(please don`t sue me)..i`m just pointing out the 'real' fact of my own opinion. Bottom line, just be yourself of who you are..don`t be someone else cause at the end of the day..your the one who suffers.period.

Monday, May 12, 2008



Kristy Poh Chuan



Kimberly Wong

To These Two Beautiful Ladies;

2night`s your night,
party till board daylight,
kickin and chillin,
in every way u like

Your beauty reflection,
got me feeling,
all so natural,
u got me sweating,

You made me,
feel like i`m a,
middle school kid,
to first hand understand,
what beauty is,
not only on the outside,
but on the inside too,
thats what counts,
as long as you stay true ;)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama

Dear mama,

There are so many words that i can say about you..but i don`t really know how to express those words know that i`m not good with i`ll just do it in a few lines instead...

Theres no one in the world,
that could that your place,
your love is the greatest,

I finally understand,
that it not easy to raise a man,
it takes a lot of time,
patience and,
don`t you know that your love is,
the purest and the best?

Through the thick and thin times,
when i was lonely,
you were there for me,
when i was sick,
you gave me much love and care,
when i was lost,
you were the inspiration,
and you kept me focus,
you were both a friend and a mother
thats why i love ya

I know sometimes,
i act a little crazy,
you gave me some pounding,
cause deep down inside,
i know you care for me

There so much things,
you`ve done for me,
theres no way,
i could pay you back
The only thing i can do,
is to be a good son to you,
and to appreciate you

I thanked the lord that,
you brought me into this world,
you take good care of me,
you raise me,
and the extra love you gave to me.


This song is dedicate to you and all the mama`s all around the world

Friday, May 9, 2008

I didnt knew that,there was a land called 'dildo', on the other side..we use weapons like guns,knifes etc..i wonder if they use 'dildos' as a weapon to everything wif a design of a dildo lol

another video,

Barrack Obama and Hiliary wars style! lol i find it funny especially when obama clean his shoulder and they played Jay-z`s 'diff off your shoulder' and that was TIGHT...*hands down* and oh 'yes we can' obama ;) although i didnt watch much about the politics, i`ve got a feeling obama can change the economy and the soceity better..whatever u wanna say..i`m supporting the black man ;) lol

and,what would you do if you were trapped in an elevator....with diarrhea :s

pitiful and nastyy.... whoever is cleaning the elevator is gonna smell like shyt...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A few pictures at the icc


cooking Mie Sedap was not THAT`s crazzyyyy~



and i was surprised that wendy bum bum came back..unexpectly..yea she appeared in front of me..n guess what..she lost a few kg..which is a good thing ;) after years of complaining how f.a.t, u were..and now,things are going your way hey hehe.. and elaine`s getting taller..*sigh* when me ,wendy and elaine stand next to each`s like looking at a height from short,medium and to tall :s lol... nastyyy

And GoodLuck to the UBD students who are having their exams ;)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally Ended

Finally the ICC Food And Consumer Fair has ENDED!!! oh my, i finally can sleep after 3 days of sleepless nights :s i was half dead the whole day *sigh* luckily i do my work fast and properly of course and went home to take some rest..i need it badly...

The fair was boring..and it`s not as crowded as it was before it`s seperated into 2 different`s the food section and another is the 'ojipala'( mixed e.g clothes,electronics,makeup etc) section


aint she cute??!!! ;p, we both look chubby hey? lol
Look at one of her hands,it`s says 'Up yours buddy!'

And there`s this indian man,who make this nice teh tarik


But he only appears at night...



The last day was super crowded and busy..heck, i even need to find a time to`s like i have to make a schedule to piss.. the road was so crowded,when you wanna get through the other side,you gotta stop,move left,move right.lean back a if your dancing your way even can learn 'popping' by passing though the crowd..and i wont be surprised if some of them can suddenly 'pop'

I was voted to substitue a promoter place to cook the 'Mie Sedap' i thought it was just like the way we do at,was i wrong..would you believe me if i told you it was stressful?? why i said that is because once the mee is done and it`s served (it`s served in a small cup btw,just for testing), people start snatching for it the very second it`s passed :S and it`s gone in less then a minute..and i have to cook it again...description for it:reckless


Made two new friends

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A day in ICC

Today was a tiring and boring day at ICC thou..first of all the 'booth' that we had earlier was different form before thou..last time..all the food and non-food are all combined together..but now,both parties are seperated..which is not really a good idea.. and second it was HOOOTTT!!

To sum it up, me;
- Cant really see gurls at ICC coz of booth separation (opposite hall)
- Food not much choice to eat,forced to eat 'Mie Sedap' all the way *God help me*

My colleague (female) got back some catalogue from the beauty advertisement..i took a look on the catalogue..and guess what i saw hehe


Dawn Yang`s picture AS one of the models

Somebody is gonna get sued if she saw this lol..maybe their trying to promote to customers that if they go to their facial treatment..they`ll end up like Dawn Yang..then at the end of the day..u`ll see a lot of Dawn Yang`s look alike in different sizes and colours :s lol. If your in`s over~ Dawn Yang everywhere lol.