Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Unconditional Love

Whats love? i`m not sure myself..i guess.. it`s just sour or sweet...sometimes what u receive just ain't matter how much u give...everything u`ve done just doesn`t mean a damn thing..

i feel you on me..i do..

You`ll do anything for her,
run around the world for her
climb the highest mountain for her
even swim the deepest ocean for her

For what?

Only you know the answer

All you even wanted to do,
is to make her feel proud,
showering her with love and care,
without a doubt,

But somehow it seems,
most of the things u did,
doesn`t means a shyt
so that means she`s,
a damn selfish bytch,

Doing all those insanity,
ain`t gonna kill the pain away
in fact,it`ll make u more unhappy

No matter what happens,
through the ups and downs,
the sun will still shines,
after a dark and cloudy day

I know your fed up
but u need to get up
and keep ya head up

No matter what happens..i want you to and the rest are still and will be behind you 101%... you know who you are..cheers~

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