Sunday, July 17, 2011

i`m happy that im able to control my temptation not to smoke for 2 weeks now.. hope i could hold on to a very long time..i realised my air intake is better than before.. and i promised not to smoke already..coz what are words if u say it but u didnt mean it.. so i`ll try my best to stay true to my words..

i posted this status on my facebook 'Scientist suggest that a men will fall in love approximately 7 times Before marriage' a friend asked many time have i fall in love... i replied 'haha..i dont know' real ans is..i`ve never fall in love...i only reached the 'like' level..coz my relationship never lasted more than a month or a month n a half.. coz it seems i fell for the wrong type i guess..i`m jus blaming on myself.. mine`s all messed up man... till i dont feel like i wanna get into a relationship.. i`m tired of getting hurt..u know what? 'Just because your not committed in any romantic relationship, it doesn’t mean it could keep you away from heartaches.' <- #real talk

i`m an old skool guy... i`m classic,rap,hip hop n pop all rap into one joint.period.