Sunday, June 29, 2008

Was bored whole day and was tired too..went to JP (Jerudong Park) last night with a friend, didnt know they had a Dazzling Light Festival,when we reached was packed..luckily we managed to find a parking.The entrance fees for the Festival is $9 per person. Check out the pictures.

Other than that..i want you guys to check out this`s a brand new comedy called 'Tropic Thunder' i just saw the trailer and it was hilarious! trust me haha

Robert Downey Jr stole the show man..freakin hilarious! :D and he acted as a Black man,which is damn good i tell ya,i mean his acting and one of his words in the video
' I know who i am! Im a dude playing a dude disguise as another dude' <-- thats gold man lol. i seriously cant wait for the movie to come out.haha! *UPDATED*
seems like they are bros after all! hah! gotcha beech!!

another trailer of 'Tropic Thunder' that will make u laugh

Saturday, June 28, 2008

We MISS him!!!

It`s been too long you have left us for your wacky-gay-orang utan didn`t contact us at all...we are very worried about we as good friend has decided to put the internet into good use..which is, to seek help from people all around the see if they have seen you or not..

Undated Photo:This is Metis
Last seen on 16/6/2008

We have decided to inform everyone about this, so they can be on the look-out.



Please Contact Us A.S.A.P Thank You For Your Cooperation.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy19th 24th Birthday to`s been a hell of a ride all these years..but i did manage to survive all the obstacles that i receive..thankz to the FAGS (HOMOS) and LESBIANS that helped me along the way..i have to make it colourful and bold because..this is how much i 'sayang' you peoples haha

An outlook of my cake,and for your info..i aint gay..i love women to the max..real one of course :) and i love oreo hehe.. i was surprised to see that 'title' so i asked debbie at the end of the night..

Me: so..who`s idea was the whole gay thingy?
Debbie: Nick hehe
Me: Ok.... was the person`s reaction of the person who job down the info?
Debbie: the person`s face changed...looked odd :s
Me: lol..oh boy~

Thankz a lot! now i dont think i will be able to get gurls already..cause they think i`m gay :s and i think that this is the first time that anyone would see a cake that has 'gay' connection in it..ohmygawd~ WACKY!!

I was already surprised about the cake.. and somemore i had to wear a birthday hat! which i look ridiculious in it :s

*Me pointing* ma fakka!!! it was her idea!!! knn~

Me cutting the cake..the cake is oreo and my shirt almost had the oreo sign! lol on the other hand..the hat was a lil ok..but theres somehting that annoys me..that is the birthday song playing on the`s first it`s ok..then as time goes`s annoying lol..i cant do anything..cause i was forced to wear it till i go home haha..niaseng~

A group photo with me,carrying a snow white wrapping (how sad can i be) :s , again..i was forced to do it and i aint gay...just in case you forget ;)

I`ve received two redpackets that night..
1) it`s from the restaurant that i celebrate at..
2) an angpow from JE`s

Gift from the restaurant,It`s a chinese word called 'Fook' ,not the word that used on your frens like 'Fook you' or ' Fooking Hell' or 'What The Fook?? ' lol , ya dig? it`s a good word ok haha

Bottom line.. i had a great time..both fun and embarassing..lucky there were not much customers left when we left..coz i was still wearing the bday hat :s haha and the special people who wished me online and sms...thank you very much,it`s was special indeed :)


I almost forget...i got a present from debbie too haha.

it`s a small box with non halal

Turns out to be a t-shirt`s a lil crumble,due to long hours staying inside the small box ;)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Went to the saloon this afternoon with wackyboy and tony, and that bugger came back..surprisingly...and it`s been one week hes back..only today i saw him..well..his still sloppy as ever haha..

Me and tony decided to cut out hair..tony cut his for cause it`s too hot for him to handle,f.y.i - well,u gotta adapt that boy hoho..u`re gonna be here very long ;) and i havent cut my hair for 1 month plus...and it`s getting curly as it grow long :s gosh i hate it..

Ton has been browsing through the hairstyle book,and guess what he showed me?

He said he wanna try this hairstyle but first he gotta find that glasses first -_-"

so he decided to cut one hairstyle..

Him getting his hair cut..

i recommend him to use this hairstyle..which i think it`s not bad for him...

Now..the moment you all have been waiting 4...






The new him :\ keke

As i was browsing through the hairstyle magazine,i saw this model that caught my attention

For South Park you recognize this apperence??

YES!!! it does look like Jesus and Pals from SouthPark


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I would like to wish my boy BERNARD LIM , A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

This is Bernard..and this is his blog
Doesn`t this picture looks like an album cover? lol

Sorry Bern..i cant join you for your Birthday, my bad...hope you had fun thou..and ladies..

got all the time to mingle
he`s just like pringles
(once you pop you cant stop)

A person with a nice heart indeed,
who lets me copy his homework,
anyday of the week,
his got the basketball skills,
that kills and thats real

He has a Birthday Cake which is a Big Key design cause he`s 21!! He`s a grown man now ;) so any gurl out there who has the lock that fits his key,please do find him ;) other than that..why don`t you gurls try your luck on him ;) ..he`s like one in a million thou.. and so is Chee Keong a.k.a Gary a.k.a J.A.C.K
This is Chee you can see..he walks away shyly~ hehe

Monday, June 9, 2008

Man..i had a freakin nightmare lastnight..whats the dream about? i dont know for you..but for me it`s gives me goosebumps thou. ok,the dream was like this..i dreamnt that i was walking to the library..i`m not pretty sure which library it was...somehow i passed the counter i suddenly asked the guy' what if i need help?' the guy said 'just call us if you needed help' i`m like 'ok' so i walked my way to th if opened the door..i saw a shadow of a creature..somehow like a monkey run for hiding..i only saw the back..i stopped for a sec and on my right there is a medium table.. and below it..i saw a leg of a person who is on a wheel chair, crossed..i only saw the moved forward a bit and stopped.

My whole body couldn`t move at all..i called for helped..3 was`s like your voices are coming from your throat,as if you got asthma or something...and somehow i realised that it ws a dream..i quickly woke up...and was like 'wtf?' and it was 2 sumtin on the morning...shyt..i need sleep man :s

Yea i know...was a lame nightmare :s lo

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Rice Dumplings Day Peoples!! :D

Before i start the post, i must warn Muslim friends that the post you are about to see is...


I`m Sorry if you felt offended,i apologize for that, i just wanna be careful and don`t wanna end up like WYWY :\

So what exactly is a rice dumpling?
A rice dumpling is a dumpling made of sticky rice wrapped around the stuffing inside. Then the whole thing is wrapped with lotus or bamboo leaves and cooked. Yummy!

It is said that originally, way back in the past, people made rice dumplings to worship the dragon. In some places people even collect rain on Tuan Ng, because they think it is holy water from the dragon and will cure diseases.

At first the rice dumplings were just plain rice cooked in bamboo stems. Later on people started adding more variety to it, like cooking it in bamboo leaves. Then they started using sticky rice and added stuffing to it, such as beans, pork and nuts.

Different Types and Flavours
Rice dumplings come in all sorts of different shapes: triangle, pillow, and axe. There are two flavours, the sweet and the salty.

The salty ones usually have:cross section of a rice dumpling
  • Pork
  • Egg york
  • Shrimp
  • Fried bean curd

  • The sweet ones have:
  • Beans
  • Dates

  • Some really crazy flavours have been "invented" recently like shark fin, roasted swan, vegetarian etc.

    Two more photos of Rice Dumplings,

    Mixed with Mee


    Other than eating rice dumplings and having lots of great food and wine. They also have dragon boat competitions. A dragon boat is a long, narrow canoe like boat with a dragon's head at the front. About twenty people row it and there is usually a drummer at the front to keep the spirit up and to help the rowers row together at the same time.

    The Dragon Boat Race

    Friday, June 6, 2008

    Hey waddup guys..what`s good? i hope y`all doing great... well, mine was tiring :s..been working non stop for almost a month now... my neck`s feeling a little uneasy thou..hopefully it`ll be alright thou.. man,the HOT weather is killing me.. yo guys,y`all better drink more water yea and do take care of yourself ;)

    I remember that time i sprained my neck for the second time..i think the vein somehow caught up in between or hurts when i turn my neck very left..and does feel uncomfortable in a normal situation too... so i went to have a massage at the massage shop, 'urut' shop in another words..those Indonesians uses traditional massages..which is painful and effective in a way..i almost cried..

    I went in,sit down and wait for my turn..few minutes later one of the massager came out to have a know whats the first thing that came to my mind? 'Daym,this indon looks like tony!' :s..seriously he`s like an indonesian version of tony...his hair almost the same as his old skool hairstyle AND he walks sloppy-ly like his too :s , i was like 'Daym!' it`s just blow my mind man lol..ton,if your reading got yourself an indon brother! lol

    Anyways my turn came, i was direct to the small room,it look something like this..


    First of all,i feel weird lo when i see it...i don`t know about you..but i definitely felt super weird..the person whose gonna massage me is a male,40+ years old (looks like it), he directly me to the small room and told me he`ll come back in a few theres no chair or anything for me to sit on...AND if i sit on the bed..i would feel very very very weird..and i`ll feel like a male whore :s no,it`s not`s nasstyyyy~ i tell ya that :s..he came back and he asked me to take off my shirt so he can help me do the massage...

    I feel embarrassed thou,cause it`s my first time taking my shirt off in front of a i feel like a whore :X... i lay on the bed back face front..he then put some oil and rub my right shoulder (i sprained there) it was hell painful..he rubbed half of my body..including my head :S which i almost cried..i don`t wanna talk about it... and theres this part..he was rubbing my back..i lay low sleeping on the bed,my back facing infront of him.. and guess what kind of 'style' he was using? 'Doggy style' to be have no idea how i felt.. theres so much going on my brain from the start and that move made it worst..'i wanna go home fast' are the words mostly posted on my`s was freakin WACCKKKK!!!! i`ll tell ya that :s

    Finally all of it ended..i felt 'dry-raped' lol ..paid him and got the hell out`s hurts all over but it`s has good results thou..bottom line: i aint going there no mo haha..

    Monday, June 2, 2008

    Finally i get to rest a bit after almost a month of non-stop work...i was chosen to go to bandar`s 'Bumi Putra' for some case you don`t know where it`s`s located at the town area,opposite the bus station.. if you ask me how was it? i would say that..i`ve wasted 4 days of my life there? i dont know why people still want to rent that place for an exibition..really..eventhough it`s at the town area..

    First of all,only a few people know about the 'exhibition' ,i wasted 4 days of my life feeling lifeless and tired while doing nothing..male toilet smells like shit (always,i dont know why) female toilet broke down..haven`t repaired until now..and that means male have to do the dirty work whereas the females just sit and`s sucks big time..whenever i enter the male toilet, i have to INHALE a large amount of oxygen first before i go afraid that i might faint or puked inside due to the 'bio-hazardness' :s

    Secondly,it was HOT, got daym, son~ u didn`t pay your electric bills or something? seriously,i would sweat whenever i go ass!! even ICC would sponsor fan for us when the aircond was down, whereas they only sponsor 'exotic perfume from' the toilet for us...

    Thirdly, i wish the participants the best of luck at Bumi Putra,yours gonna suffer the 10 days exhibition which ends on saturday :S

    A lousy picture of our booth surronding

    Take a look at this perfume that caught my attention...
    Saddam Hussien`s perfume! when did he had a perfume line? i would definitely not wanna smell like him,i don`t wanna die right now and i don`t wanna get hunt down and die for nothing :s now thats WACKYYY~

    and this money collected from a customer which i didn`t notice until i counted it,

    'It Belongs 2 Me' ...well it`s mine now,beech! what a dick..

    At the end of the day,

    Parking tickets and that was 7 dollars man haha

    Lastly, to my boy

    Louis Wong Jau Yin..HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!!! :D
    May your dreams come true and go the way you wanted ;) and never give up in everything you do ayte, take care..

    Sunday, June 1, 2008

    Sorry for the super late of update..was super busy :p, my bad..anyways..i would like to wish my god-daughter a Happy Belated Birthday,she is one month old before,but now it`s 1 month plus because i update too late..*Background music,One republic- It`s too late to`s too late~~* yea i know..HAHA sorry wa keke

    This is Ethana... Eeee..i wanna pinch her cheeks :p
    Ethana: Hey guys! waddup? :p

    It`s was a memorial night,we had fun..i don`t know almost half of the people there..

    I went into the kids playroom and took a quick picture of them...and they were having a...

    Armpit Challenge...
    the poor girl had to go underneath the bed for fresh air..

    other than that..
    kids watching porn..


    Dishes were superb..LAMB was superb! BUTTER PRAWN was superb! OSTRICH meat was superb! OK..i better stop it..later all of your keyboard will be flooded with saliva...too mouth watering lol :p

    and we had and unexpected guess too..
    The cat in black who lives next door... lol
    Cat: Where`s my food? Meow~

    as well as...

    Booty scratching...
    feels good after you scratch it,doesn`t it? Lol~

    Nick: Nabeh! finally i can scratch without being butt so itchy man..

    Later on we went to take some group photos..

    Someone with an obvious posing g.a.y lol

    I think you understand who the poser is already don`t you? hoho
    and...look at those fine white legs..i wonder whose legs are those :|

    'Gurl if those legs belongs to you,
    Don`t hesitate to contact me ;)
    May i know your name and contact number as well?'

    someone looks 'high' in this photo...could wacky-boy be the answer behind it?
    The laugh looks like a combination of 'Happiness+satisfaction+pleasure' and somehow his like expressing this emotions that says 'GOTCHA BYTCH!!!!'