Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I would like to wish my boy BERNARD LIM , A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

This is Bernard..and this is his blog
Doesn`t this picture looks like an album cover? lol

Sorry Bern..i cant join you for your Birthday, my bad...hope you had fun thou..and ladies..

got all the time to mingle
he`s just like pringles
(once you pop you cant stop)

A person with a nice heart indeed,
who lets me copy his homework,
anyday of the week,
his got the basketball skills,
that kills and thats real

He has a Birthday Cake which is a Big Key design cause he`s 21!! He`s a grown man now ;) so any gurl out there who has the lock that fits his key,please do find him ;) other than that..why don`t you gurls try your luck on him ;) ..he`s like one in a million thou.. and so is Chee Keong a.k.a Gary a.k.a J.A.C.K
This is Chee you can see..he walks away shyly~ hehe

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