Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lord, i guess i`ll never know...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

i`m cleaning my facebook friendlist..seems like i have some random stranger in it.. Hmm..i find some that i used to talk to like a lil close..somehow, we dont talk no more..how u ever felt this shyt before? its like one day ur good the next thing u know ur like total stranger.. wtf is that suppose to mean? i dont get it sometimes..

And some are beautiful girl friend whom i never even talked to... my, what have i been doing all these years? oh well, its time to move on...there are so many beautiful girls out there..its impossible for you to know them all... we as humans cant be greedy..accept what you have and appreciate it..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I went for hiking these two days..everything is great..i able to maintain my stamina n all..i`m happy with it..i only need to get in shape..need to go to the gym..i`m thin n fat at the same time..not sure if u get my drift..haha. it`s all good..

I just watched the movie 'Friends With Benefits' i find it nice..i can say that is it better than 'no string attached'.. whereas no string attached is more of comedy and friends with benefit..it based on comedy n more of the serious stuff on a person`s life..as in, 'insecurities' if thats the correct word for it.. i guess sometimes we dont really know what we have until its gone.. and i learned that every girls wish to have something related to what they see in movies or a fairytale..its their dream.. little things we do..does brighten up a person`s day as well..

Sometimes i find girls like those in movies are rare to find?