Thursday, January 31, 2008


Man..i don`t know what happen to me today..i have been dreaming while`s a bad habit..i almost banged a car :s If something like that happened,what a way to start a new year :s I haven`t even buy my CNY shirts yet :( it`s like shopping malls dont have the tyoe of shirt i want..probably gonna go to the Mall to find some..hopefully i`ll be able to buy some hoho

Monday, January 28, 2008

I so wanna watch Jay chou`s 'KUNG FU DUNK' although i`s a litle exaggerating..but i like it..cause there`s some streetball moves dont see that in most sports movies except for the 'Crossover' which is obviously a streetball movie haha..and 1 of its players is actually one of the world`s greatest streetballer 'Hotsauce',that guy changes the streetball game with his millions of moves but then some people still don`t get the real game of streetball, and thats why sometimes u see players do so many moves but can`t shoot :s,it`s not all about`s about scoring with style and mostly teamwork AND also..making the crowd going CCRRAZZYYY!!!

Representing KungFu Dunk


Jay`s going Kl to attend the KungFu Dunk thingy..Daym, i wanna go there 2! :(


KungFu Dunk Merchendise!! I WANT the jacket!! :p so nice

Look at this Limited Edition Jay Chou`s`s sold during the World Tour Concert 2008


Guess how much it cost? it`s like $500 RM baby!! and it`s limited to 5000 sets only!

Other than that, im looking forward to watch many-people`s comedy hero,Stephen Chow :D new comedy CJ7



kid looks cute,doesn`t he? hehe

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I don`t know how to start..a lot of things have been going on my mind..i`ll try to break it down to easy my mind and heart..

To mom and dad:

You had brought me up to what i am today including all your time, money and sweat..even tears..i know that most of the time i still piss u off..even now,but i know u wont take much of it into your heart..all those years during my school days..i know that i have failed u a few times..n i`ve never really made u proud..even if i had..i`m still not satisfied,u did cried when i passed my form3..i was surprised n yet i felt happy about made me feel alive..other than that..i didn`t..i just stopped..i dont know why.. among the years,till now..i dont think i have been a really good son to you..i`m sorry..i should have known from the start..but i`ve been too blind to see..but i promise you..i`ll try my best to make you proud one day,u`ll have been an understanding mum form the start..u know that i was not good in studies..u never gave me pressure..instead you thought me facts of life...i`m happy that i`ve got you..i wont asked for more..if it wasn`t for you there wont be no me..i`m really blessed that your by my side..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Attracted To Misa Campo

Lord,i`ve come to ask for forgiveness~ for i`ve sinned a lot..for i`ve had 'Misa Campo Disease' i tried not to look at her..but her ass...her tits...had made me hypnotize..i`m going crazy!! :S, plz take a look

i cant help but stare at it..hopelessly :\...FORGIVE me God :(

If y`all male dont know who Misa Campo is..then u need to update about this gurl..she`s jus next to 'Leah Dizon(another hot gurl)'


Misa Campo, ya dig?

P.S I need a gurl,to break this spell for me :S i`ll be your ogre n u`ll be my princess fiona,Lol wheres my beautiful swan princess??!! :s

Monday, January 21, 2008

I was on facebook the whole afternoon..checking out new things..and now Facebook is KILLING Friendsters big time..friendster is so d.e.a.d man..really..n thay even created some application..which is similar like Facebook :s..boring~

Anyways,i was browsing 'someone`s' page..and,the advertising`s page on the left show`s this;


Now tell me..what do you see?`s an advertisement for dress,something like dat..and if u SEE clearly..what do u see?? Yes, a women who`s got no bra about advertisement Lol..and the person`s page i happen to see it was at Aman`s facebook page(seriously)Lol..i guess that " I`ve been hit by,i`ve been struck by a Braless women " haha

My slipper was taken away by some Damn stray dogs in my area :( i feel sad..i`m so pissed..i`m gonna kill dat damn dog,if i found out which one is it..u fckin DEAD BITCH!! and chinese new year is around the corner!! cant wait either..i have a little mood for it right now..maybe i need some warm up thou hoho..wonder how this year`s new year turn out to be :\

Sunday, January 20, 2008

When to Sis wendy`s house the other day...met her at Huaho Delima..after thatwent to Nyonya eat...u know i was so blur,dat i dint know there was a Nyonya Rest there..i tot there`s only La Mee :s ..hoho but anyways..there this particular object that capture my attention..check this out :p



An aeroplane made out of Tiger Beer tins..very impressive!

Went out wif anam,metis and met a new guy..i fogot`s his name,starts with a letter 'N'..his a Pakistanis..very well spoken i have to say..future lawyer hehe...facts and stories he shared with us,are so interesting..4 real hoho..was a pleasure knowing him..lastly we played dis card game call 'Bullshit', i was never really good at it..i dont know why..i guess coz im NOT good at lying,haha..damn it..dats d problem wif me i think :s

I believe that all out lives and everything are all planned..the people you meet and the fate you share..sometimes have you even wonder that,if i took this option what would had happen or if i took this option,what would have happen too..this is like some unexplainable theory thats very interesting hehe, don`t you think so? :) like if i havent meet you,what would my life be..something like that..hehe..but i have to say that,i`m proud and lucky to have to know my boys and fam`s around me..when they are around,i feel alive..if it`s wasn`t for them..there wont be no me..i wonder what would i be now :s sometimes also it`s not by how long you know a person,to me it`s how u click with the friends!,it`s good to meet you :) if ur good then i`m good too hehe and if your Beautiful in my eyes ,then u made me...BREATHLESS~ lol... any 'choi bu' who visits my blog..please feel free me contact me..u can add me on msn,the add is on the right column as u can see..who knows we might have something in common ;) Lol

Friday, January 18, 2008

Woah..havent update my blog 4 quiet a long time already...haha..jus yesterday,i went for an interview test..i was applying for a job at Berakas Power Station meter reading assistant..the interview starts at 8.30, i reach there 8.30 :s,i oways late nowadays.. i udno why haha..anyways i reach inside d place at 8.33 and i`m d last sucks..luckily nothing happen hoho..havent start :) i`m go heart was panicing n beating SO fast man..geez..i finish at 11.30..

There were 2 things i hav 2 do,dat is make a letter using Microsoft Word and calculate numbers using Microsoft Excel and a formula is required..luckily d nite before i did ask Michelle to teach me some formula.. n it came up huahuahua..LUCKY!! overall i was feeling fair about that interview test..later at nite.. i receive a call from nick..he told that his boss said i hav a high chance of passing..he said..he duno if his boss is joking or not...nia seng..if dat white man is joking..i`m gonna kill him in the bball court man..coz dey say..white man cant jump..Lol i`m jus kidding...overall result..all i know i did my`s its`s mine..if it`s`s not.. i`m really touched dat some frens gave me some support for the interview test..THANK YOU!! u know who u r :D ur support means a lot to i`m jus waiting for the call from the department,dats is if i`m successful... i miss BBALL :(

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Man, i`m tired man..din sleep well last fact i cant sleep..duno why :S woke up at 11 sumtin..parents went to miri..n i`m hungry :S *stomach grumping* haha.. had a great nite lastnight..went to FUNG MHAN LOU to sing karaoke with the was SSSUPPEERRBB!! feel like an V.I.P haha..we all go ther jus 2 sing nia keke :p oh yea..the shop`s it`s Poh Chuans dad`s shop haha..speaking of the shop, i remember i used 2 go there when i was very little..back in the 90`s, every friday or sunday parents wud bring me`s a place where mostly adults and old peoples hang out there..coz now form my point of view it`s feels comfy la..d place haha.n i wont forget i had one incident there happened there..yea. u might be think wat incident

Back in d days,when i was little.. i was damn i played around there.. n i came across the lift..sekali i was trapped inside the lift..n it brought me a court room if i`m not mistaken :S but it was i went inside life again..n hantam press a number,hopefully i might go back 2 d right place n i was crying (it sucks when i think of it :S) fortunately i went back n i was crying 2 my mother..n dey were like saying

Them : Play somemore
Me : *sob*

n something happened lastnight :\ i got 'SAMAN' again..ngai tiao! long story..was not really happy about it..i htink dats why i cant sleep well at nite..2 heavy 4 me kali Lol..but it`s all gud..nuthings fair in this world..gotta live wif it...oh wells, the past is d past..jus gotta let it go thou...later have 2 go pay the so called fine :S *sigh* wat a new year to begin with man Lol..crappy i hav 2 say..



I was blogging n i came across a video about a malaysian guy a.k.a RawangBoy ,confessing his feeling for a gurl.. u shud check this out..very funny..

i can wait for ur boyfriend to die LOL! *hands down*

this kid is crazy man -_-" hoho

n this video is especially to the wackyboy..P.S: yo,prepare 2 hav a bucket in front of u..ur gonna puke

See,i told u...Lol *green face*

dis is scary...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Hooray!!..the food fair is already over..took a day off 2day..2 get some rest man..was damn are my legs..the food fair was a lof of ppl...all kinds of peoples in fact.. but it was all gud..

For those who hav heard me speak i sound like i`m from china??!! :|`s d second time lol..a fren told me i`ve got a lil of the 'china ying(china slang)',now dats crazzyyyy baby..haha..i mean sometimes i do mimic the way china ppl speak..but i din know dat it will affect my speaking..i asked my mum..even she says i hav it -_-..ok thats the 3rd time ..word. Tiew~ i think i shud stop mimicing china ppl`s slang :S it`s somehow like a curse 2 me daym~

Whole afternoon i was a lil moody..kinda a mood swing..suddenly i was a lil Mr hare it.. i duno why dis few weeks im kinda mood swing like hot headed n no patience..i really hate that attitude man..i really need 2 get rid of it :S HHEEELLPPP!!! p.s dose who read dis dont tell me 2 use pad or any shyt.._|_ na! lol

Was reading One piece online manga whole`s very nice i have 2 say..touching indeed..if u read it u`ll get wat i mean..hehe..have been hearing a love songs dis 3 days..yea i know..'jiwangness' i feel ya..i cant help it wat i`ve got no songs 2 hear no mo..duno wta 2 dl..wif all the love going it makes me wonder.. 'How`s the love of my life doing,Is she doing fine? If she`s sick,has she taken her medicine n all..someday i wish to hold your hand and look into ur eyes and i know dat i`m d luckiest guy in d world..with u by my side,everyday is a different love story' *sigh* here i go again :s..gotta stop dis`s crazyy..i think that liking/admire someone is easy..but loving someone is harder does makes u damn happy n makes u sad too hoho.. for long as she`s happy i`m all gud..'understanding' is daym important..i cant comunicate well without any understandingness..who does? SHYT..din i jus said i have 2 stop it..nabeh..wats wrong wif me...tiew~ alrite i`m outta here!! guys who view dis 2day is soo GGAAYYY especially wackyboy

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Oh my god man..i`m so bz these few days..i`ve no time 2 blog thou..m participating the Brunei consumer food fair ..which is held form the 2nd jan - 6th jan...damn its been tiring man..been there from 9 sumtin 2 10 pm dats tiring baby..but its all gud..can see a lot of lenglui Lol

Photobucket pass ho ho

will upload some pics from the 2008 event at keongs house too...daym!!!haha..well take care 'dicks and whores' Lol j/k