Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Attracted To Misa Campo

Lord,i`ve come to you..to ask for forgiveness~ for i`ve sinned a lot..for i`ve had 'Misa Campo Disease' i tried not to look at her..but her ass...her tits...had made me hypnotize..i`m going crazy!! :S, plz take a look

i cant help but stare at it..hopelessly :\...FORGIVE me God :(

If y`all male dont know who Misa Campo is..then u need to update about this gurl..she`s jus next to 'Leah Dizon(another hot gurl)'


Misa Campo, ya dig?

P.S I need a gurl,to break this spell for me :S i`ll be your ogre n u`ll be my princess fiona,Lol wheres my beautiful swan princess??!! :s

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