Saturday, January 26, 2008

I don`t know how to start..a lot of things have been going on my mind..i`ll try to break it down to easy my mind and heart..

To mom and dad:

You had brought me up to what i am today including all your time, money and sweat..even tears..i know that most of the time i still piss u off..even now,but i know u wont take much of it into your heart..all those years during my school days..i know that i have failed u a few times..n i`ve never really made u proud..even if i had..i`m still not satisfied,u did cried when i passed my form3..i was surprised n yet i felt happy about made me feel alive..other than that..i didn`t..i just stopped..i dont know why.. among the years,till now..i dont think i have been a really good son to you..i`m sorry..i should have known from the start..but i`ve been too blind to see..but i promise you..i`ll try my best to make you proud one day,u`ll have been an understanding mum form the start..u know that i was not good in studies..u never gave me pressure..instead you thought me facts of life...i`m happy that i`ve got you..i wont asked for more..if it wasn`t for you there wont be no me..i`m really blessed that your by my side..

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