Thursday, September 8, 2011

what should i do? i dont even know.. it`s one of the things i ever wanted.. but i know one day i have to let it go..cause it aint healthy.. for now,i`ll keep holding on and be ridiculous strong.. it is what it is..

men usually fall for women who need to be save; Damsels in distress this is your man. <--wow...sometimes i think the man up there know what im thinking n i turn around he speaks whats in my heart...which i dont express often.. the more i think of it, the more i feel sour..n the urge i feel like i wanna take a smoke badly.. which i stopped 2 months plus ago.. i REALLY need to hold on to my words otherwise what would i be? i cant even keep onto my words.. i dont wanna be a disappointment ... u may not ever see this but.. i gave u my words. imma try my best to guard it tight.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

is it true that u need to learn to love yourself first before u learn to love others?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lord, i guess i`ll never know...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

i`m cleaning my facebook friendlist..seems like i have some random stranger in it.. Hmm..i find some that i used to talk to like a lil close..somehow, we dont talk no u ever felt this shyt before? its like one day ur good the next thing u know ur like total stranger.. wtf is that suppose to mean? i dont get it sometimes..

And some are beautiful girl friend whom i never even talked to... my, what have i been doing all these years? oh well, its time to move on...there are so many beautiful girls out there..its impossible for you to know them all... we as humans cant be greedy..accept what you have and appreciate it..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I went for hiking these two days..everything is great..i able to maintain my stamina n all..i`m happy with it..i only need to get in shape..need to go to the gym..i`m thin n fat at the same time..not sure if u get my drift..haha. it`s all good..

I just watched the movie 'Friends With Benefits' i find it nice..i can say that is it better than 'no string attached'.. whereas no string attached is more of comedy and friends with based on comedy n more of the serious stuff on a person`s in, 'insecurities' if thats the correct word for it.. i guess sometimes we dont really know what we have until its gone.. and i learned that every girls wish to have something related to what they see in movies or a fairytale..its their dream.. little things we do..does brighten up a person`s day as well..

Sometimes i find girls like those in movies are rare to find?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

i`m happy that im able to control my temptation not to smoke for 2 weeks now.. hope i could hold on to a very long time..i realised my air intake is better than before.. and i promised not to smoke already..coz what are words if u say it but u didnt mean it.. so i`ll try my best to stay true to my words..

i posted this status on my facebook 'Scientist suggest that a men will fall in love approximately 7 times Before marriage' a friend asked many time have i fall in love... i replied 'haha..i dont know' real ans is..i`ve never fall in love...i only reached the 'like' level..coz my relationship never lasted more than a month or a month n a half.. coz it seems i fell for the wrong type i guess..i`m jus blaming on myself.. mine`s all messed up man... till i dont feel like i wanna get into a relationship.. i`m tired of getting hurt..u know what? 'Just because your not committed in any romantic relationship, it doesn’t mean it could keep you away from heartaches.' <- #real talk

i`m an old skool guy... i`m classic,rap,hip hop n pop all rap into one joint.period.

Friday, May 20, 2011


dont wanna be in love...hurts like a`s oways the ones that i like n interested in and wanna get serious..end up different from what i expected.. my love life is full of fucking surprises.. *sigh*

fuck some of those singers who sing those love songs until so pitiful..comeon man, it`s either u love me or i love u secretly or triangle love or ur love ones died..overall same format... every single or album all about pitiful if the whole world is love sick... jigga plz!

how about more happy songs? comeon,son

economy crisis..fuel price increase.. n u telling me to hear love songs? Gtfoh!

p.s : m back,bitches!