Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I went for hiking these two days..everything is great..i able to maintain my stamina n all..i`m happy with it..i only need to get in shape..need to go to the gym..i`m thin n fat at the same time..not sure if u get my drift..haha. it`s all good..

I just watched the movie 'Friends With Benefits' i find it nice..i can say that is it better than 'no string attached'.. whereas no string attached is more of comedy and friends with based on comedy n more of the serious stuff on a person`s in, 'insecurities' if thats the correct word for it.. i guess sometimes we dont really know what we have until its gone.. and i learned that every girls wish to have something related to what they see in movies or a fairytale..its their dream.. little things we do..does brighten up a person`s day as well..

Sometimes i find girls like those in movies are rare to find?

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