Sunday, August 16, 2009

cant u see the struggle that we`re going through,
i don`t think u have a clue
u just keep on doing what u always do

you dont really seem to care
living ur life like it`s ok
it stressed me to see things got this way
it`s pissed me off you gave broken promises

i`m always in a rage whenever i think of it
i thought you will change for a better benefit
but it seems like your the same old you
one day,u`ll hear me say i HATE you...

there was a time i wish i could drive fast n kill myself to end it all
so i don`t have to bother with it anymore
so i dont have to look at you and tell u the same shyt over again
coz i know you dont feel the pain

i wanna get away from this zone
n go to somewhere where i belong
i have hands n legs
i can take care of myself
so u don`t have the feel bad and hurt that it started
because of you
if you know you`ll regret why started it in the first place?

i still dont know if you learn your lesson( i dont think you do)
i dont know if you will ever regret...
still,right now..i`m sick n tired of you