Monday, January 21, 2008

I was on facebook the whole afternoon..checking out new things..and now Facebook is KILLING Friendsters big time..friendster is so d.e.a.d man..really..n thay even created some application..which is similar like Facebook :s..boring~

Anyways,i was browsing 'someone`s' page..and,the advertising`s page on the left show`s this;


Now tell me..what do you see?`s an advertisement for dress,something like dat..and if u SEE clearly..what do u see?? Yes, a women who`s got no bra about advertisement Lol..and the person`s page i happen to see it was at Aman`s facebook page(seriously)Lol..i guess that " I`ve been hit by,i`ve been struck by a Braless women " haha

My slipper was taken away by some Damn stray dogs in my area :( i feel sad..i`m so pissed..i`m gonna kill dat damn dog,if i found out which one is it..u fckin DEAD BITCH!! and chinese new year is around the corner!! cant wait either..i have a little mood for it right now..maybe i need some warm up thou hoho..wonder how this year`s new year turn out to be :\

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