Sunday, January 20, 2008

When to Sis wendy`s house the other day...met her at Huaho Delima..after thatwent to Nyonya eat...u know i was so blur,dat i dint know there was a Nyonya Rest there..i tot there`s only La Mee :s ..hoho but anyways..there this particular object that capture my attention..check this out :p



An aeroplane made out of Tiger Beer tins..very impressive!

Went out wif anam,metis and met a new guy..i fogot`s his name,starts with a letter 'N'..his a Pakistanis..very well spoken i have to say..future lawyer hehe...facts and stories he shared with us,are so interesting..4 real hoho..was a pleasure knowing him..lastly we played dis card game call 'Bullshit', i was never really good at it..i dont know why..i guess coz im NOT good at lying,haha..damn it..dats d problem wif me i think :s

I believe that all out lives and everything are all planned..the people you meet and the fate you share..sometimes have you even wonder that,if i took this option what would had happen or if i took this option,what would have happen too..this is like some unexplainable theory thats very interesting hehe, don`t you think so? :) like if i havent meet you,what would my life be..something like that..hehe..but i have to say that,i`m proud and lucky to have to know my boys and fam`s around me..when they are around,i feel alive..if it`s wasn`t for them..there wont be no me..i wonder what would i be now :s sometimes also it`s not by how long you know a person,to me it`s how u click with the friends!,it`s good to meet you :) if ur good then i`m good too hehe and if your Beautiful in my eyes ,then u made me...BREATHLESS~ lol... any 'choi bu' who visits my blog..please feel free me contact me..u can add me on msn,the add is on the right column as u can see..who knows we might have something in common ;) Lol

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