Friday, January 18, 2008

Woah..havent update my blog 4 quiet a long time already...haha..jus yesterday,i went for an interview test..i was applying for a job at Berakas Power Station meter reading assistant..the interview starts at 8.30, i reach there 8.30 :s,i oways late nowadays.. i udno why haha..anyways i reach inside d place at 8.33 and i`m d last sucks..luckily nothing happen hoho..havent start :) i`m go heart was panicing n beating SO fast man..geez..i finish at 11.30..

There were 2 things i hav 2 do,dat is make a letter using Microsoft Word and calculate numbers using Microsoft Excel and a formula is required..luckily d nite before i did ask Michelle to teach me some formula.. n it came up huahuahua..LUCKY!! overall i was feeling fair about that interview test..later at nite.. i receive a call from nick..he told that his boss said i hav a high chance of passing..he said..he duno if his boss is joking or not...nia seng..if dat white man is joking..i`m gonna kill him in the bball court man..coz dey say..white man cant jump..Lol i`m jus kidding...overall result..all i know i did my`s its`s mine..if it`s`s not.. i`m really touched dat some frens gave me some support for the interview test..THANK YOU!! u know who u r :D ur support means a lot to i`m jus waiting for the call from the department,dats is if i`m successful... i miss BBALL :(

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