Monday, January 7, 2008

Hooray!!..the food fair is already over..took a day off 2day..2 get some rest man..was damn are my legs..the food fair was a lof of ppl...all kinds of peoples in fact.. but it was all gud..

For those who hav heard me speak i sound like i`m from china??!! :|`s d second time lol..a fren told me i`ve got a lil of the 'china ying(china slang)',now dats crazzyyyy baby..haha..i mean sometimes i do mimic the way china ppl speak..but i din know dat it will affect my speaking..i asked my mum..even she says i hav it -_-..ok thats the 3rd time ..word. Tiew~ i think i shud stop mimicing china ppl`s slang :S it`s somehow like a curse 2 me daym~

Whole afternoon i was a lil moody..kinda a mood swing..suddenly i was a lil Mr hare it.. i duno why dis few weeks im kinda mood swing like hot headed n no patience..i really hate that attitude man..i really need 2 get rid of it :S HHEEELLPPP!!! p.s dose who read dis dont tell me 2 use pad or any shyt.._|_ na! lol

Was reading One piece online manga whole`s very nice i have 2 say..touching indeed..if u read it u`ll get wat i mean..hehe..have been hearing a love songs dis 3 days..yea i know..'jiwangness' i feel ya..i cant help it wat i`ve got no songs 2 hear no mo..duno wta 2 dl..wif all the love going it makes me wonder.. 'How`s the love of my life doing,Is she doing fine? If she`s sick,has she taken her medicine n all..someday i wish to hold your hand and look into ur eyes and i know dat i`m d luckiest guy in d world..with u by my side,everyday is a different love story' *sigh* here i go again :s..gotta stop dis`s crazyy..i think that liking/admire someone is easy..but loving someone is harder does makes u damn happy n makes u sad too hoho.. for long as she`s happy i`m all gud..'understanding' is daym important..i cant comunicate well without any understandingness..who does? SHYT..din i jus said i have 2 stop it..nabeh..wats wrong wif me...tiew~ alrite i`m outta here!! guys who view dis 2day is soo GGAAYYY especially wackyboy

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