Sunday, January 13, 2008


Man, i`m tired man..din sleep well last fact i cant sleep..duno why :S woke up at 11 sumtin..parents went to miri..n i`m hungry :S *stomach grumping* haha.. had a great nite lastnight..went to FUNG MHAN LOU to sing karaoke with the was SSSUPPEERRBB!! feel like an V.I.P haha..we all go ther jus 2 sing nia keke :p oh yea..the shop`s it`s Poh Chuans dad`s shop haha..speaking of the shop, i remember i used 2 go there when i was very little..back in the 90`s, every friday or sunday parents wud bring me`s a place where mostly adults and old peoples hang out there..coz now form my point of view it`s feels comfy la..d place haha.n i wont forget i had one incident there happened there..yea. u might be think wat incident

Back in d days,when i was little.. i was damn i played around there.. n i came across the lift..sekali i was trapped inside the lift..n it brought me a court room if i`m not mistaken :S but it was i went inside life again..n hantam press a number,hopefully i might go back 2 d right place n i was crying (it sucks when i think of it :S) fortunately i went back n i was crying 2 my mother..n dey were like saying

Them : Play somemore
Me : *sob*

n something happened lastnight :\ i got 'SAMAN' again..ngai tiao! long story..was not really happy about it..i htink dats why i cant sleep well at nite..2 heavy 4 me kali Lol..but it`s all gud..nuthings fair in this world..gotta live wif it...oh wells, the past is d past..jus gotta let it go thou...later have 2 go pay the so called fine :S *sigh* wat a new year to begin with man Lol..crappy i hav 2 say..



I was blogging n i came across a video about a malaysian guy a.k.a RawangBoy ,confessing his feeling for a gurl.. u shud check this out..very funny..

i can wait for ur boyfriend to die LOL! *hands down*

this kid is crazy man -_-" hoho

n this video is especially to the wackyboy..P.S: yo,prepare 2 hav a bucket in front of u..ur gonna puke

See,i told u...Lol *green face*

dis is scary...

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