Friday, June 13, 2008

Went to the saloon this afternoon with wackyboy and tony, and that bugger came back..surprisingly...and it`s been one week hes back..only today i saw him..well..his still sloppy as ever haha..

Me and tony decided to cut out hair..tony cut his for cause it`s too hot for him to handle,f.y.i - well,u gotta adapt that boy hoho..u`re gonna be here very long ;) and i havent cut my hair for 1 month plus...and it`s getting curly as it grow long :s gosh i hate it..

Ton has been browsing through the hairstyle book,and guess what he showed me?

He said he wanna try this hairstyle but first he gotta find that glasses first -_-"

so he decided to cut one hairstyle..

Him getting his hair cut..

i recommend him to use this hairstyle..which i think it`s not bad for him...

Now..the moment you all have been waiting 4...






The new him :\ keke

As i was browsing through the hairstyle magazine,i saw this model that caught my attention

For South Park you recognize this apperence??

YES!!! it does look like Jesus and Pals from SouthPark


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