Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy19th 24th Birthday to`s been a hell of a ride all these years..but i did manage to survive all the obstacles that i receive..thankz to the FAGS (HOMOS) and LESBIANS that helped me along the way..i have to make it colourful and bold because..this is how much i 'sayang' you peoples haha

An outlook of my cake,and for your info..i aint gay..i love women to the max..real one of course :) and i love oreo hehe.. i was surprised to see that 'title' so i asked debbie at the end of the night..

Me: so..who`s idea was the whole gay thingy?
Debbie: Nick hehe
Me: Ok.... was the person`s reaction of the person who job down the info?
Debbie: the person`s face changed...looked odd :s
Me: lol..oh boy~

Thankz a lot! now i dont think i will be able to get gurls already..cause they think i`m gay :s and i think that this is the first time that anyone would see a cake that has 'gay' connection in it..ohmygawd~ WACKY!!

I was already surprised about the cake.. and somemore i had to wear a birthday hat! which i look ridiculious in it :s

*Me pointing* ma fakka!!! it was her idea!!! knn~

Me cutting the cake..the cake is oreo and my shirt almost had the oreo sign! lol on the other hand..the hat was a lil ok..but theres somehting that annoys me..that is the birthday song playing on the`s first it`s ok..then as time goes`s annoying lol..i cant do anything..cause i was forced to wear it till i go home haha..niaseng~

A group photo with me,carrying a snow white wrapping (how sad can i be) :s , again..i was forced to do it and i aint gay...just in case you forget ;)

I`ve received two redpackets that night..
1) it`s from the restaurant that i celebrate at..
2) an angpow from JE`s

Gift from the restaurant,It`s a chinese word called 'Fook' ,not the word that used on your frens like 'Fook you' or ' Fooking Hell' or 'What The Fook?? ' lol , ya dig? it`s a good word ok haha

Bottom line.. i had a great time..both fun and embarassing..lucky there were not much customers left when we left..coz i was still wearing the bday hat :s haha and the special people who wished me online and sms...thank you very much,it`s was special indeed :)


I almost forget...i got a present from debbie too haha.

it`s a small box with non halal

Turns out to be a t-shirt`s a lil crumble,due to long hours staying inside the small box ;)

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