Monday, June 9, 2008

Man..i had a freakin nightmare lastnight..whats the dream about? i dont know for you..but for me it`s gives me goosebumps thou. ok,the dream was like this..i dreamnt that i was walking to the library..i`m not pretty sure which library it was...somehow i passed the counter i suddenly asked the guy' what if i need help?' the guy said 'just call us if you needed help' i`m like 'ok' so i walked my way to th if opened the door..i saw a shadow of a creature..somehow like a monkey run for hiding..i only saw the back..i stopped for a sec and on my right there is a medium table.. and below it..i saw a leg of a person who is on a wheel chair, crossed..i only saw the moved forward a bit and stopped.

My whole body couldn`t move at all..i called for helped..3 was`s like your voices are coming from your throat,as if you got asthma or something...and somehow i realised that it ws a dream..i quickly woke up...and was like 'wtf?' and it was 2 sumtin on the morning...shyt..i need sleep man :s

Yea i know...was a lame nightmare :s lo

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