Friday, June 6, 2008

Hey waddup guys..what`s good? i hope y`all doing great... well, mine was tiring :s..been working non stop for almost a month now... my neck`s feeling a little uneasy thou..hopefully it`ll be alright thou.. man,the HOT weather is killing me.. yo guys,y`all better drink more water yea and do take care of yourself ;)

I remember that time i sprained my neck for the second time..i think the vein somehow caught up in between or hurts when i turn my neck very left..and does feel uncomfortable in a normal situation too... so i went to have a massage at the massage shop, 'urut' shop in another words..those Indonesians uses traditional massages..which is painful and effective in a way..i almost cried..

I went in,sit down and wait for my turn..few minutes later one of the massager came out to have a know whats the first thing that came to my mind? 'Daym,this indon looks like tony!' :s..seriously he`s like an indonesian version of tony...his hair almost the same as his old skool hairstyle AND he walks sloppy-ly like his too :s , i was like 'Daym!' it`s just blow my mind man lol..ton,if your reading got yourself an indon brother! lol

Anyways my turn came, i was direct to the small room,it look something like this..


First of all,i feel weird lo when i see it...i don`t know about you..but i definitely felt super weird..the person whose gonna massage me is a male,40+ years old (looks like it), he directly me to the small room and told me he`ll come back in a few theres no chair or anything for me to sit on...AND if i sit on the bed..i would feel very very very weird..and i`ll feel like a male whore :s no,it`s not`s nasstyyyy~ i tell ya that :s..he came back and he asked me to take off my shirt so he can help me do the massage...

I feel embarrassed thou,cause it`s my first time taking my shirt off in front of a i feel like a whore :X... i lay on the bed back face front..he then put some oil and rub my right shoulder (i sprained there) it was hell painful..he rubbed half of my body..including my head :S which i almost cried..i don`t wanna talk about it... and theres this part..he was rubbing my back..i lay low sleeping on the bed,my back facing infront of him.. and guess what kind of 'style' he was using? 'Doggy style' to be have no idea how i felt.. theres so much going on my brain from the start and that move made it worst..'i wanna go home fast' are the words mostly posted on my`s was freakin WACCKKKK!!!! i`ll tell ya that :s

Finally all of it ended..i felt 'dry-raped' lol ..paid him and got the hell out`s hurts all over but it`s has good results thou..bottom line: i aint going there no mo haha..

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