Monday, June 2, 2008

Finally i get to rest a bit after almost a month of non-stop work...i was chosen to go to bandar`s 'Bumi Putra' for some case you don`t know where it`s`s located at the town area,opposite the bus station.. if you ask me how was it? i would say that..i`ve wasted 4 days of my life there? i dont know why people still want to rent that place for an exibition..really..eventhough it`s at the town area..

First of all,only a few people know about the 'exhibition' ,i wasted 4 days of my life feeling lifeless and tired while doing nothing..male toilet smells like shit (always,i dont know why) female toilet broke down..haven`t repaired until now..and that means male have to do the dirty work whereas the females just sit and`s sucks big time..whenever i enter the male toilet, i have to INHALE a large amount of oxygen first before i go afraid that i might faint or puked inside due to the 'bio-hazardness' :s

Secondly,it was HOT, got daym, son~ u didn`t pay your electric bills or something? seriously,i would sweat whenever i go ass!! even ICC would sponsor fan for us when the aircond was down, whereas they only sponsor 'exotic perfume from' the toilet for us...

Thirdly, i wish the participants the best of luck at Bumi Putra,yours gonna suffer the 10 days exhibition which ends on saturday :S

A lousy picture of our booth surronding

Take a look at this perfume that caught my attention...
Saddam Hussien`s perfume! when did he had a perfume line? i would definitely not wanna smell like him,i don`t wanna die right now and i don`t wanna get hunt down and die for nothing :s now thats WACKYYY~

and this money collected from a customer which i didn`t notice until i counted it,

'It Belongs 2 Me' ...well it`s mine now,beech! what a dick..

At the end of the day,

Parking tickets and that was 7 dollars man haha

Lastly, to my boy

Louis Wong Jau Yin..HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!!! :D
May your dreams come true and go the way you wanted ;) and never give up in everything you do ayte, take care..

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