Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sorry for the super late of update..was super busy :p, my bad..anyways..i would like to wish my god-daughter a Happy Belated Birthday,she is one month old before,but now it`s 1 month plus because i update too late..*Background music,One republic- It`s too late to`s too late~~* yea i know..HAHA sorry wa keke

This is Ethana... Eeee..i wanna pinch her cheeks :p
Ethana: Hey guys! waddup? :p

It`s was a memorial night,we had fun..i don`t know almost half of the people there..

I went into the kids playroom and took a quick picture of them...and they were having a...

Armpit Challenge...
the poor girl had to go underneath the bed for fresh air..

other than that..
kids watching porn..


Dishes were superb..LAMB was superb! BUTTER PRAWN was superb! OSTRICH meat was superb! OK..i better stop it..later all of your keyboard will be flooded with saliva...too mouth watering lol :p

and we had and unexpected guess too..
The cat in black who lives next door... lol
Cat: Where`s my food? Meow~

as well as...

Booty scratching...
feels good after you scratch it,doesn`t it? Lol~

Nick: Nabeh! finally i can scratch without being butt so itchy man..

Later on we went to take some group photos..

Someone with an obvious posing g.a.y lol

I think you understand who the poser is already don`t you? hoho
and...look at those fine white legs..i wonder whose legs are those :|

'Gurl if those legs belongs to you,
Don`t hesitate to contact me ;)
May i know your name and contact number as well?'

someone looks 'high' in this photo...could wacky-boy be the answer behind it?
The laugh looks like a combination of 'Happiness+satisfaction+pleasure' and somehow his like expressing this emotions that says 'GOTCHA BYTCH!!!!'

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