Sunday, June 29, 2008

Was bored whole day and was tired too..went to JP (Jerudong Park) last night with a friend, didnt know they had a Dazzling Light Festival,when we reached was packed..luckily we managed to find a parking.The entrance fees for the Festival is $9 per person. Check out the pictures.

Other than that..i want you guys to check out this`s a brand new comedy called 'Tropic Thunder' i just saw the trailer and it was hilarious! trust me haha

Robert Downey Jr stole the show man..freakin hilarious! :D and he acted as a Black man,which is damn good i tell ya,i mean his acting and one of his words in the video
' I know who i am! Im a dude playing a dude disguise as another dude' <-- thats gold man lol. i seriously cant wait for the movie to come out.haha! *UPDATED*
seems like they are bros after all! hah! gotcha beech!!

another trailer of 'Tropic Thunder' that will make u laugh

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