Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The gays and lesbians asked me to find a gurl out to have a date or something..get to know a few gurls cause i`m getting old and STILL single..haha..but im cool with it..i know, sometimes i do feel lonely..well, what can i do right? im not good with gurl at all..i cant think of any gurls lo,sadly yes.. most of the gurls i know are unavailable or already taken..SO, out of the blue..i asked eva lol! i know,it`s crazy...those who know us would be laughing and like what? lol


Me: *nudge eva*
Eva: wats up?
Me: Would u like to go on a date with me?
Eva: u crazy is it?
Me : a lil..y?
Eva: what u up to?
Me: nothing..jus asking...
*silence for a few minutes*
Me: ..............
Me: so i guess is a no?
Eva : haha
Eva: i don get what u mean...
Me: so is that a no?
Eva: yeala..i don date frens one la
Eva: i know u nothing to do kacau me
Eva: haha

-_-" *sigh* no commento, kena rejected by eva :( *sob* lol
Then just now we had kinda a group reunion dinner...i asked her again..still the same ans lol.. Lppl man me haha! oh wells, thats it for todays... lol na guys, i did try o! lol

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