Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I cant wait for tomorrow thou..why? cause the boys are gonna play some bball..woohoo~ it`s been ages since i kick it..i remember when we were in form 2,3..after skool 3 somthing we start to play bball already..sometimes even two in the afternoon.. i duno why.. i guess the love for the games is so strong.. till some of us got so dark..esp me, until some chinese people thought im a malay kid and talk malay with me -_-" which i dont like :S

I havent been ballin in ages..and i cant even do lay ups no mo :s thats horrible lo. hope i dont get killed 2morow..if`s over~ end of story.blank.period haha :D

Man, i have a
FREAKIN feeling right`s like im feeling emo now man..4 real.. fuck man~ n guess what..i`m listening to some love songs right now...i do sometimes..but this time..i hving some daym love if im in love or something..BUT im not in love or anything..i havent met anyone...just in case u misunderstood me haha..and i do envy some couples i go again :s but sometimes couples are like in front of me doing something mushy..which oways makes me feel ugh~ 'Diew~ sai Mhm sai ah? (fcuk need to do that or not ah?) yes i know you 2 are in love..yea big deal *eye rolled* im not jealous..if i hav a gurl,i could call my own..i wont even do this man.. theres this one time..i saw these couple at the Mall on the escalator going up,the women was in front,guy was at the back..and he was hugging her waist from they are in titanic or something...cigga plz~ but then,when ur in make u do the most stupid and ridiculious thing thats why love is blind. lol!

I use to remember the feeling of liking someone ages`s was can make u high as a crack head and kills u like ur d most emo faggot in the anyways, some of us express our feeling through some style of our drawing,singing,poems etc.. but mine,i dont know u call it a poem or what..but what i pour it in like this..picture style...

This is how real i am to her,real words from her and real thoughts from me,Unfortunately things dont go our yea..

But anyways, it`s already the past..let the past be as memories or something,watever....just learn from it, try not to make the same mistakes they sat 'La the sang, fang de chi' (can take up,can put down) like Russel Peters said ' Be a man, Do The Right Thing' haha. i called that picture 'The 6 legs' cause that statue has 6 legs haha.

Anyways,gtg go now dream lovers..i`ll leave you with a special song..dedicated to lovers out there..eventhough ur gay, lesbian or bi..watever you`s all good.i`m open...know what im saying? hehe

Song called - Dream Lover by Boddy Darin.hope you enjoy :)

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