Thursday, July 3, 2008 today we had a great game...everyone was doing,i was super exhausted man~ lol..hadnt been ballin for face we as red as an apple man`s good to have the old times back again..the feeling and still great.. i love it..most have upgraded and some have downgraded (basketball skills) ,for example is me was exhausted but fun.. i need to build up my stamina :s

Keong`s admire was taking a lof of pictures of him..we all can see that..haha u know and i know haha..know what im saying?..if keong see this he would be like 'wtf? knn!!' then mental there at my cbox lol..well, if he want to keep his 'President Of Bachelor' title..we are all good le gurl want him but he dont wan lol..see limpeh,want also dont have ah,u lucky bugger haha :p ..nxt time i might make a chart of the Bachelor Club people..including me haha..yes,im in it.. bo lang ai ma~ (nobody want) haha..what to do :x..i proud le..u can or not?!! HAHAH my spider sense tells me that keong mus be piss off liao haha..relax keong..dont angry ba :( later "Mririan" sad le :(

Air Supply -Every Women In The World.. it`s romantic thou... gurls out there,would u go on a date with me? *preferably rich* lol! i`ll try to sing this song for you if we click haha..

P.S - in the video,theres this chinese dude,his hairstyle looks kinda suit keong keong,cute leh... and i think that theres a gay in the berakas oil i went to top up my petrol before i go kb..after finish..he asked me what time i finish work..i was like, stonned man..i told him..i dont time go home..cause im a regular`s normal to smile what..but today has changed..i`ll try not to go there no mo :s..Met,can u help settle that guy for me? please! :( i`ll buy u nasi katok le...

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