Thursday, May 22, 2008

Found this at and thanks for sharing this music video with us..seriously, i think that brunei local artist should do something like inspire the local people,to stop hate and racism but to love one another and respect each other =)

I`ll be kicking it old school with some cartoon that i miss..

this is the mix of the 80`s cartoon all in one..

Brave star is the bomb man!! those who were in the 80`s..u`ll know what i mean hehe
If i had powers like brave star..i would like to have;
the power to fly,to become invisible and to have the strength of a dinasour (lol)

Come to think of it..he-man`s hair looks kinda gay..don`t you think? if u can`s almost like rihanna`s hairstyle lol..and thundercat`s liono (wrong spelling) when he shouts 'Thunder,Thunder,Thundercats..HHHOOO' ,first it sounded like he`s calling the thundercats a 'Ho'(whore) and second when the sword if his sword 'cangar'(erected) ,noti noti~ and they are making a thundercat movie that`s coming out on 2010..and i cant wait to see it!!

and i was on the wacky website..and guess what i saw that pisses me off..

"P.S. Tony, Bring it on brother! Chelsea WILL kick ManU's buttocks tonight! Just don't cry when it all end. Chelsea~ Chelsea~!!! :D " <--well, it seems Chelsea is the one crying now hey? the tables have turned, cocky ma fakka!!!! :D ..don`t be too hard on yourself, it`s ok to get your ass KICKED deep once in a while.i know it`s hard to face the truth but no matter what, u cant run from it..MAN U just KILLED chelsea!!! oh man..can u SMELL the VICTORY??!! oh`s fckin sweet and i know tony and the rest of the MAN U fans feel it too =D, chealsea killers!!! This victory will put a smile on every MAN U fan`s face out there whever they think of it..even when they are sleeping..the victory is just too powerful until theres no word to describe that extraordinary feeling...

peace out.

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