Friday, May 23, 2008

I would like to take this time out to, give respect and a moment of silence to a good friend of mine who`s mom just passed away yesterday due to some illness.

Amazing Grace - Cecilia

I was woken up by a message from Bernard this afternoon, he told me that my friend`s mom passed away..i couldn`t accept the fact of it because i was half awake..i tried to sleep again..but i still couldn`t get in..i re-read my message again,the words are still the change..and that time i know everything was real. i was very shocked and speechless at the same time..this is just something unexpectedly..i just can`t bear it..

To Liang;

Bro, i`m very heartbroken and very sorry to receive the reality that your mom passed away. A good soul gone too soon..may her soul rest in peace. Anything that you need,dont hesitate to find us ...we`re behind you always,take care of yourself..

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