Sunday, May 18, 2008

After a week of busy schedule,i was so into a need of a break from everything,cause..

My minds too tight,
no space for breathe,
the pressure is there,
i cant konseal,

man,wheres LP or Jay-Z ,when i need their music in me? lol

Last night we went to 'Sugar and Spice', reached there..and was packed..we managed to find ourselves some seat..found out that there was a birthday party.. no wonder~

Everything in sugar and spice.the price has gone up thou..sisha used to be 9 dollars and now it`s 15 dollars :s and the licence to make sisha legal is 6 thousand dollars a year and thats crazy...and i can see that they started ripping. customers with their prices :s

Anyway my saturday night mood was kinda low and down due to the music..there were deejay`s playing music ,which was 'Trance' all night long..when the mood is right,the time is right,it`s time to get ya fckin hands up high and dance to the sound of the beat but instead they just wave theirs hands(mostly) and shout 'WOOOO' for like 2 seconds..and it goes on and on(it`s like u get horny for a few seconds and it stopped)..and no one was dancing on the floor..haha..perhaps they are shy hehe

I lost my appetite that night (no offence to the party people) cause the music was so loud,it`s hot and when i talk i have to shout and i wasted 4 dollars of food which i didn`t ate finished. Sidney usually being hyper active was behaving like a goodboy`s my first time seeing him like this..usually he would move around and talk a lot..but tonight he was 'behaved' lol,i htink it`s because of the music haha and i met rita ..she waved to me but i was blur,i turn around and look backwards cause i thought she was waving at someone.. who know i wave back and it`s not me..malu kaliah!!! lol so anyways it`s was nice to meet her..she looks better in person than in picture..not that her pictures are ugly but i prefer to see real person that pictures can lie haha

After house of boredom..we went to katip`s`s was much peaceful there..but the trance music was still in my head..i tried to killed of by hearing 2 rnb music..but it wasnt`s enough. im lucky that i went to katip`s house where some of the boys were there..they really made my day :) theirs jokes(created by themselves) can really make u laugh and made your day,for real..

Here are some of the jokes written by mawi and a friend of his, can u imagine they wrote those jokes in a`s almost like a joke book now..maybe soon it might be up for sale lol

(jokes are to be spoken in malay,to get the meaning and feeling of it)

Q: Banyak-banyak kampung,kampung mana yang paling besar?
(Many village,which vallage is the biggest)
A: Kampong Rimba la! , ada 'Giant" kaliah!
(Rimba village, because there`s 'Giant' )

Q: Orang India apa yang rambut panjang,pakai anting-anting di telinga dan necklace di lehernya?
(Which india has long hair,wears ear rings and necklace?)
A : Orang India perempuan la!!
( A female indian)
( Mawi asked me that question and i cant believe i said 'Snoop Dogg' i wasn`t thinking right man :s , maluku (i`m embarassed) eh lol)

Snoop Dogg, rambut panjang,pakai anting-anting dan necklace di lehernya (long hair,wears ear rings and necklace) ngam kaliah!! but hes not indian lol

Theirs jokes may be kinda lame but it`s really funny..i had a great time..they did made my day thou..Thankz! :D

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