Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday To Chee Huat San!!


ain't he talented? :)

i cant wait for his single to come`s the bomb!! i heard it`s coming out end of this month..hopefully it does *fingers cross* ;)

Anyways, a BIG Happy Birthday to you and may you have a blast on your day! ;) i know u`ll bring the bomb..Chee Huat`s style hehe and the cute gurls will be like 'oh my god~~ chee huat!! *crying and shouting* ' too hot to handle!!! hehe


Chee Huat : 'Hell yea baby~ What can i say? ' Even Nina`s too happy till she cant pose with him, she got
lovecheehuat stoned..

again Happy Birthday!!! ;)

speaking of cute gurls..yesterday i was on friendster, i came across this we all know in fashion sense nowadays 'cute' is the word that girls nowadays wanna look like,right? beautiful is rare(thats what i think) haha, anyways..there are two types of cute;

1) cute come natural to you,meaning you naturally have the cuteness in you
2) you try to hard to be cute

Here`s an example

Naturally cute


I`ve nothing against cuteness,just that..some people just cant be themselves lo,worst of all..she having a pacifier in her mouth..i`m like wtf? it`s my first time i`ve encounter this..i mean..come on girl,your like 13 years old and you take a picture of yourselves sucking a pacifier? get real man..u gotta be jacking me are definitely trying toooo hard to be cute lol

I`m sorry if i did offended some of you peoples who read this post(please don`t sue me)..i`m just pointing out the 'real' fact of my own opinion. Bottom line, just be yourself of who you are..don`t be someone else cause at the end of the day..your the one who suffers.period.

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