Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally Ended

Finally the ICC Food And Consumer Fair has ENDED!!! oh my, i finally can sleep after 3 days of sleepless nights :s i was half dead the whole day *sigh* luckily i do my work fast and properly of course and went home to take some rest..i need it badly...

The fair was boring..and it`s not as crowded as it was before it`s seperated into 2 different`s the food section and another is the 'ojipala'( mixed e.g clothes,electronics,makeup etc) section


aint she cute??!!! ;p, we both look chubby hey? lol
Look at one of her hands,it`s says 'Up yours buddy!'

And there`s this indian man,who make this nice teh tarik


But he only appears at night...



The last day was super crowded and busy..heck, i even need to find a time to`s like i have to make a schedule to piss.. the road was so crowded,when you wanna get through the other side,you gotta stop,move left,move right.lean back a if your dancing your way even can learn 'popping' by passing though the crowd..and i wont be surprised if some of them can suddenly 'pop'

I was voted to substitue a promoter place to cook the 'Mie Sedap' i thought it was just like the way we do at,was i wrong..would you believe me if i told you it was stressful?? why i said that is because once the mee is done and it`s served (it`s served in a small cup btw,just for testing), people start snatching for it the very second it`s passed :S and it`s gone in less then a minute..and i have to cook it again...description for it:reckless


Made two new friends

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