Thursday, May 1, 2008

A day in ICC

Today was a tiring and boring day at ICC thou..first of all the 'booth' that we had earlier was different form before thou..last time..all the food and non-food are all combined together..but now,both parties are seperated..which is not really a good idea.. and second it was HOOOTTT!!

To sum it up, me;
- Cant really see gurls at ICC coz of booth separation (opposite hall)
- Food not much choice to eat,forced to eat 'Mie Sedap' all the way *God help me*

My colleague (female) got back some catalogue from the beauty advertisement..i took a look on the catalogue..and guess what i saw hehe


Dawn Yang`s picture AS one of the models

Somebody is gonna get sued if she saw this lol..maybe their trying to promote to customers that if they go to their facial treatment..they`ll end up like Dawn Yang..then at the end of the day..u`ll see a lot of Dawn Yang`s look alike in different sizes and colours :s lol. If your in`s over~ Dawn Yang everywhere lol.

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