Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama

Dear mama,

There are so many words that i can say about you..but i don`t really know how to express those words know that i`m not good with i`ll just do it in a few lines instead...

Theres no one in the world,
that could that your place,
your love is the greatest,

I finally understand,
that it not easy to raise a man,
it takes a lot of time,
patience and,
don`t you know that your love is,
the purest and the best?

Through the thick and thin times,
when i was lonely,
you were there for me,
when i was sick,
you gave me much love and care,
when i was lost,
you were the inspiration,
and you kept me focus,
you were both a friend and a mother
thats why i love ya

I know sometimes,
i act a little crazy,
you gave me some pounding,
cause deep down inside,
i know you care for me

There so much things,
you`ve done for me,
theres no way,
i could pay you back
The only thing i can do,
is to be a good son to you,
and to appreciate you

I thanked the lord that,
you brought me into this world,
you take good care of me,
you raise me,
and the extra love you gave to me.


This song is dedicate to you and all the mama`s all around the world

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