Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last nite was n group of friends went to see Brunei`s DPMM football team Vs The Singapore Young Lions. The vibe and the excitement was there..but the performance was not as expected.It wasnt a good nite..was raining in the middle of the game..was i got wet. To be frank, it was the first time i went to watch the game turned out alright hehe. people shouting n swearing all side of the corners over silly was funny...and if the referee is an`s over~and ball boy kids wearing oversize t-shirt n pants lol.At the end of the game DPMM won 1-0
and on the side not MAN U WON!! :D yeehaaa!

Apart form that.. i went to see all my male friend`s brother 'Edison Chen' in his new movie 'The Snipper' now if u put aside edison`s sex scandals thingy...the storyline was good.i give it a 6.5% rating.y`all should try to see this movie..and the funny thing is,there were only a few people watching this movie in the cinema, like less than 10 people..i guess his scandal still affects the movie..i wonder how other contries response are :s

I wanna watch Transformer2! Megan Fox is in it...fcuk shes hot!! geezes~

Shit i`m getting f.a.t
it`s getting crazy,
with all the food i`m eating
somebody stop me!!

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