Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Addicted To Korean Game Shows

Two korean comedians performing a Michael Jackson dance at a game show called' x man' Regarding the MJ dance where he does d 'leaning 35 degress move' was jus genius..dis is wat dey call 'taking comedy seriously' 4 real...n it does make me L.O.L

another one

koreans do have sense of humor thou..i do have respect 4 people who try to make other ppl laugh or just a smile coming from the person`s face..even if it makes a fool out of themselves..i love 2 see people laugh n be happy..really..

It seems like everywhere i go now..i see so many 'LoveBirds'..it`s like 'Daym!' seems like love is in d air....it`s true..it can bring u as high as a crack head n bring you low like a lifeless fool..like they say..nothing hurts more than love :s some of us get hurt n it feels bad..u felt that u`ll never love again..well i`ll say that..there`s always a special someone for that special somebody..so get ur feet back on your ground and move forward to life..some people for example girls..now i`m not offending gurls..dis is what i always hear from gurls ok.. ' Aiya, all guys are the same one la!' u know..dat sentences really piss me of a little sometimes.. am i wrong? Guys!,do u heard that often?! ha? well i`m here to ask you gurls who THINKS all guys are the same ' Are all the hair the same length or not?' now i aint dissing yo, i`m jut being real.. so gurls try to let go of the past eventhough it hurts bad..move on k..im sure ur next partner would be better than the previous one :)

As for the single people like me..haha NO commento Lol..well guys? :p haha we do feel lonely sometimes..sometimes we need some company from a friend *preferbly female keke* you know..just lay back and talk about everything..hehe.. for me..sometimes when u walk down the street and you see a gal who got the hots..u`ll be like 'daym gurl,ur burning me up' lol n u`ll think she EITHER taken or playing hard to get or lesbian haha.. well life`s a bitch sometimes..so to all you lovers out there..cheer up :D haha..i dedicate this song for you..'A Teenager In Love'


emilytct said...

Keep it rocking ;) For sure, many ppl wud enjoy reading ur blog =D.. tc dude =)

justin said...

woooo hoo~ leong zhai