Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bad News For Single Guys

Jessica Alba is PREGNANT!!! fcuk! *sigh* dat lucky bastard had away wif her..cant believe she`s pregnant...tiew~ shes like one of the flaming women and now she`s pregnant..dat lucky son of a bitch is lucky...Argh..jus cant get over it :( why HIM? but not ME! (Lol) I`m more FANTASTIC also u know..i can even stretch everything on every part of my body u u want it to be even..haha 'Jessica, dat guy it`s a rip off' :| u shudn`t hang around in wallmart anymore..

Tiew~ she like every guys dream gurl...'Down to earth type and i think she does know what to do as a gf and know how to make her man happy'

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:D love those colourful socks..n it doesn`t makes u look like a clown..only FOOLISH people or IMBECILE people thinks it`s clownish :S

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