Friday, December 14, 2007

Man..this morning was funny,i was in d kitchen wif mum..while eating breakfast..we were chit chatting..n somehow the words that i mum heard wrongly,it`s like i say one she ans 2..i was like 'mum wat are you talking about? :|' than saw was also blur..adeh~ -_- so i 'suan(tease)' her la..till she was speechless..then my dad suddenly came into the kitchen..

Mum: You see ur son very good in talk back ah..even 'suan' me
Me: .........
Dad: You must have dont something wrong la..
Me: HAHAH..i din see that coming! hahaha in mum`s face man Lol
Mum: Hahahah..mum was surprised he said dat..

So was i, i din recall he ever said those sentences before..keke. -_-"

Tomorrow will be Howard`s a.k.a Gaylord Unlimited`s Bday n Farewell Party...i wonder will there be anything interesting or not hahah

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