Sunday, December 16, 2007

Someone Got WASSTTEEDD Baby!!!

I don't know how 2 start this sentences rite much happened lastnite and i dont know where to begin with thou haha..Lastnite was Howard a.k.a GayBoy Unlimited`s Bday..nick drove us there..which we thought we were late..coz of me job ba..sial..haiya,long story la..makes me kinda 'PMS' thinking about it...anyways..reached howard`s house at bout 7 sumtin i think..haha..we were hungry man haha

I found a few bbq chicken wings,i just 'hamtam' it first la..jus 2 'tahan' my nick n metis were still hungry..we went to the bbq area n found dat there were a lot of food BUT it`s NOT cooked..'Someone' in the car told me that 'he' wont bbq the food there,he will let the people bbq wan le haha..but in the END he also bbq le..Lol..because it`s self everything he said earlier was 'LPPL' Lol! :p

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Food`s Yummy! :p He is using his 'magical powers' to make the food cooked faster..ahaha

One of the sad thing was..someone spilled the marinate sauce on the floor and dint bother to clean it up..'beh sui' la the person :S ,ended up i clean that area(i cant stand that untidy area it kinda annoys me) and another area was cleaned by howard`s cousin cause she spilled hers too haha :p..a lot of tissue were USED to get rid of the sauce..on my area,there were some sauce sticking on d wall and i didn`t dare to simply rub it i was looking for water 2 wet the tissue to clean d turn and i saw the kind of spray like those spray with chemical waters to clean your windows like that..yea,does kind of i just take and spray it on d wall..and successfully it went well..the stain is getting off..then i turn the product and see what brand it that..
Brand Name : SUPER AMAH
Me: Wa, Super Amah, this is some good amah shyt man
Ppls: Hahahah
Me: Im serious, the name of dis product is 'Super Amah'
sayang i didnt take the picture of the super amah brand...dats one hilarious brand name 'Super Amah' Lol

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BirthDay Boy`s Cake :D

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Gay boy :p

That is not only the most exciting part about lastnight..most exciting part was someone got WASTED!! hohoho..n u know WHO that might be! Lol..check it out! :p

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Look at wendy`s hand..shes trying to take advantage haha
Wendy: Oh shyt, my chance has come!!Thank you God, it`s my chance to molest him,he wont know what happened keke

Next Day the drunk guy didn`t really know what happen and what gibberish thingy he said while he was drunk haha..BUT some of us know,RITE? ;p we all had lunch together me,met,jerome,wendy,april and howard,funny things is that metis a.k.a the drunk guy can msg me at 10.10 saying lunch at gadong 'Lamee' there at 12pm and i was still sleeping haha, i didn`t sleep well for the whole night man :s

After the accompany met to the saloon to cut and highlight his hair,there was the cute-funny grandma..this is my first time seeing a hilarious grandma really haha

Funny Grandma to Metis: Eh, i introduce my granddaughter to you ah?
Metis: haha..ok *shy smile and look away*
Funny Grandma to me: Rite?
Me: Rite :) hehe
Funny Grandma: Do u speak Hokkien?
Me: Yea haha
Funny Grandma: u Hokkien ah?
Me: No haha,i`m Hakka
FunnyGrandma: Ohh..Hakka Ngin
Me: haha..u came here alone?
Funny Grandma:Nope, my grand daughter brought me here.. i introduce y grand daughter to you,you want or not?
Me: haha..can..

Sekali for a while,her granddaughter came in to bring her home..which turns out to be sze shih and she eng`s grandmother Lol..Funny grandmother was like telling met and her grand daughter to marry next year HAHA..funny la her haha..very 'sporting' indeed,very cool :p

I`m outta here.Peace out :p

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