Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hey..waddaup y`all..what`s good? was raining jus now..which is kinda good for me..coz i don need to wash my car keke...jus came back from watching a Basketball Tournament at Batu Bersurat, Me,mel n his fam,siong n his bro and the sengster..went there to see..but it was not really exciting..a few were good..many cold players..if ya know wat i mean :s keong n bernard`s team were 'UBD BLAST' so far in the team..only bernard and another guy is kinda the only hope in the team..i duno wat happen to keong he was SSSOOO cold man...geez.. bernard was breathless..he did mostly all d shyt..there this teammate,i fogot wats his name..he was on a fast break..n was guarded by a opponent in front of him..he went for the lay up..right hand..sekali..he TURN his hand and it tuned into a 'Windmill Layup'(if y`all seen a windmill dunk u`ll know wat im talking about) it was a really surprising man..jus beautiful n funny as well haha..but sadly..it almost went in..it wud be a Highlight man

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a picture of the game

The Blast lost..the the 'O.K' team..i wonder wat does it means... 2morow i hope 2 watch Mel`s bro team...it wud be an interesting match..hoho

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