Friday, December 28, 2007

It`s been the 3rd day of the BONUS thingy...which ever supermarket u go or fast food restaurant..u`ll see many happy faces ''Terima Sudah Kaliah!!" apa lagi hoho :p

Lastnight went hangout wif ken,keong,met n also 'Kristy' poh chuan wif her 2 frens chio mei and jingtze (hope i spell the correct name,if not my bad hehe) at sugar and 2LENG luis..don worry poh chuan..ur oso LENG hehe :P
LENG +Mature looking = Poh Chuan

They ask why pc still 'single'..i think she trying 2 be 'EX' haha! , u guys need some special discount card hahah..if she saw this she`ll be like 'WTF??' lol..lmao then leh that night..keong duno why so diam ah..niaseng,macam anti-socia,mayb wanna 'AA'(attract attention) kali l haha,the sgp punya shortcut wrds are klng me bby..after sugar and spice,we went to full can 2 play pool..everything all gud...except nxt morning..i`m so sleepy ii cant wait up :s Lol

Check dis cute baby video out!!

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